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We would like to acknowledge the generous contributions from the following organizations:

Xilinx donated state-of-the-art FPGA components used in the labkit PCB (most notably, the 6-Million gate Virtex-II FPGA), as well as hardware and software used by students to program the FPGA. Xilinx also provided access to one of their engineers (who assisted with the design of the labkit schematic) and partially funded the fabrication and assembly of the PCBs.

Tektronix donated state-of-the art logic analyzers (TLA5000) for each station in the 6.111 lab, and assisted with setting up this equipment and training the course staff to use it.

Intel donated high-performance computers for each lab station.

MIT EECS Department funded the prototyping and production of the new 6.111 labkits. They also funded the updating of the lab and the equipment.

Additional Components for the Labkit Donated by


Nathan Ickes
Graduate Student, MIT

Nathan was the key architect of the labkit. He did the final schematic design and the PCB layout. He also developed the initial test programs for the labkit, and designed the labkit's sheetmetal chassis.

Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan

Anantha (the professor in-charge of 6.111) coordinated the development and production of the new labkits.

Rick Ballantyne
Xilinx Labs

Rick did the initial design of the labkit schematic, based on Xilinx's Multimedia Board. Rick also lent his expertise to the process of debugging the initial labkit prototypes.

Prof. Don Troxel

Don consulted on various aspects of the labkit development.

Keith Kowal, John Sweeney, and Margaret Flaherty were instrumental in procuring parts, and organizing the assembly of the labkits. Numerous students have also assisted with writing documentation for the labkit: they are credited on the individual webpages.

MIT 6.111 Introduction to Digital Systems, Updated May 25, 2005