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FPGA Datasheet and User Guide

Other Datasheets

The following is a list of all the datasheets students are likely to be interested in. Datasheets for all ICs in the labkit (including glue logic, power supplies, etc.) can be found in this directory.

  • 28F128J3A: 128Mbit Flash ROM
  • ADV7125: Triple 8-bit video DAC, used for VGA output
  • ADV7185: NTSC/PAL video decoder, used for video input
  • ADV7194: Video encoder, used for video output
  • CY7C1370C: 512Kx36 Pipelined ZBT SRAM
  • HCMS-2973: 8-character 5x7 alphanumeric LED display
  • IDTQS3125: Quadruple bus switch, used for PS/2 port voltage conversion
  • IDTQS34XVH245: 32-bit bus switch, used for user I/O voltage conversion
  • LM4550: AC'97 Codec, used for audio input and output
  • MAX3222: RS-232 line driver/receiver
  • XCCACE: SystemACE controller, used for CompactFlash interface

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