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TV Video Input and Ouput

Application Notes

A complete discription of the labkit video interfaces is currently being written. The following Xilinx application notes(which were written for their Multimedia Board) will be very helpful.

XAPP283: Color Space Converter
Describes methods for converting between RGB and YCrCb color spaces.
XAPP286: Line Field Decoder
Describes encoding of the digital video stream used by the ADV7185 and ADV7194.
XAPP294: Digital Component Video Conversion (4:2:2 to 4:4:4)
Describes methods for interpolating chroma values in order to obtain a complete Y/Cr/Cb values for every pixel.
XAPP296: Video Scene Coherence, Frame Buffers, and Line Buffers
Describes various video buffer implementations, designed to facilitate some common video processing operations.

MIT 6.111 Introduction to Digital Systems, Updated April 14, 2006