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The Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) at MIT is an interdepartmental laboratory supporting research and education in micro- and nano- systems, devices, and materials.

MTL’s mission

MTL is an interdepartmental laboratory that supports Microsystems research encompassing work in circuits and systems, MEMS, electronic and photonic devices, and molecular and nanotechnology. Our research is enabled by a set of shared experimental facilities, as well as a vibrant industrial consortium. Annually, MTL supports the research of 745 students and staff.

MTL was established in the mid-1980s inside the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. Over the years, MTL has evolved and grown into an Interdepartmental laboratory reaching across the entire Institute.

Centers supported by MTL include

MTL fosters new technology initiatives within MIT. MTL also provides shared technical infrastructure to research groups across the institute, as well as to external affiliates.

Diversity and Equity

MTL fully supports MIT's committment to diversity and equity. Further information about diversity and equity within the MIT School of Engineering can be found here.

MTL Annual Research Report 2017: View Online