BACON: Boston Area Carbon Nanoscience


The Boston Area CarbOn Nanoscience or BACON monthly meetings bring together researchers in the Boston area to discuss their recent work and exchange ideas about carbon nanotube and graphene research in an informal setting. Each meeting consists of two talks (typically by students or postdocs) along with lunch and a coffee break. The talks are open to everyone and involve participant speakers from MIT, Harvard and Boston University.

There have been 10 meetings from October 2010 to October 2011, including BACON Day, a full-day conference on carbon hosted by Boston University. There have been 24 talks given, with 1 from Boston University, 1 from UC Riverside, 1 from University of Central Florida, 1 from Penn State, 5 from Harvard University, and 15 from MIT. Topics have included CNTs (transport, Raman) and Graphene (Theory, Transport, Nanostructuring, Raman, Chemistry, and Engineering). 18 talks were given by graduate students, and 4 were given by postdoctoral associates. There are about 25-50 people present at each meeting.

The 2010-2011 season began on December 17, 2010. More details are available at

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