graphene ambipolar imageGraphene Ambipolar Electronics

Prof. Tomas Palacios, MIT

  • Graphene FET (GFET) for THz:
    • High mobility and carrier velocity
    • Excellent electrostatic control
  • GFET frequency multipliers:
    • High spectrum purity ~94% and low noise without filtering demonstrated at 40 MHz
  • GFET zero-volt RF detector:
    • High efficiency detector and energy harvesting devices
  • GFET mixers:
    • High efficiency and low intermodulation distortion
Our research participation in the GATE program:
  • Improve Graphene FET fabrication technology
  • Develop new graphene ambipolar devices: graphene ADC, graphene frequency multipliers, graphene mixers and zero-volt RF detectors
  • Understand frequency limits in graphene devices
Collaborative Effort within the GATE MURI:
  • Graphene on different dielectrics
  • Graphene detection on arbitrary substrate and transfer techniques
  • Design graphene devices using non-linear and bipolar characteristics