Structure of the GATE MURI Effort

  • Graphene Devices for Future THz Electronics
    • THz Generation
    • Advanced Transistors
    • Interconnections
    • Optoelectronics & Plasmonics
Graphene Growth & Characterization
  • CVD growth of graphene wafers
  • SET microscopy for defect characterization
  • Ultra-high mobility
Graphene Technology, Bandgap Engineering and Defect Passivation
  • Atomically-defined graphene edges
  • Sub-10-nm nanoribbons
  • Edge and defect healing by Joule annealing
  • Graphene flakes on any substrate
Theoretical Modeling and Device Simulation
  • Effect of disorder in nanoribbons
  • Graphene device simulator
Educational and Industrial Impact
  • 11 top-notch PhD students ready to engage in national labs and industrial research
  • Boston-area Carbon Nanoscience (BACON) meetings
  • Technology transfer and collaboration with IBM, Raytheon, and Naval Research Laboratory