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Industrial Advisory Board Meeting 2018

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In today's competitive microelectronics market, it is imperative that significant research results and technological breakthroughs be transferred to the industrial sector in an efficient and timely fashion. It is also important that our industries have access to a pool of new, well-trained engineering talent. Successful technology transfer and graduate recruiting requires the participation of both researchers and recipients. One of the most effective means for efficient communication is direct people interaction. The MIG Program provides industrial participants a unique window into the Microsystems Technology Laboratories, to our facilities, our research, and to our students.

The Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) is an association of corporate members of the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL). Founded during the early eighties, the MIG played a prominent role in the creation of the MTL, and in providing critical insight into the programmatic directions of the MTL. Today, MIG member companies provide significant support for MTL infrastructure and programs and continue in their provision of crucial feedback regarding the programs and overall direction of the MTL.

The primary mission of the MTL has been and continues to be educational. The founding principle of MTL is that excellence in engineering education can only be achieved through coupling with a strong research program, and that research program must be well coupled to industrial needs. Faculty affiliated with MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) are highly committed to maintaining an environment which fosters excellence and diversity in engineering education and in the provision of facilities capable of supporting highly interactive and interdisciplinary research programs. The cooperation and generous support of the MIG coupled with ongoing sponsored research programs have allowed us to successfully fulfill our primary mission.

The facilities of the MTL provide the technological platform that supports a wide array of research programs, which are the cornerstone of our program of graduate education. The cost of maintaining the facilities of the MTL cannot be fully covered through direct program revenue, and the only viable way to maintain financial viability is through industrial partnership with the MIG.

Your participation in the MIG will assure that we maintain the ability to pursue research of the highest quality and to continue our important educational mission. The cost of maintaining a strong research program in microelectronics is without doubt high; the failure to provide support to maintain a strong microelectronics program will, in the long term, prove far higher.

The legacy of the Microsystems Industrial Group will be the trained engineers and educators who will meet and shape the challenges of the 21st century.

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