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MTL Day at Qualcomm

February 25, 2015

MTL Visit to Qualcomm: January 15, 2015

Radio chip for the "Internet of things"

February 23, 2015

Circuit that reduces power leakage when transmitters are idle could greatly extend battery life.

Tackling the "Achilles' heel" of OLED displays

February 17, 2015

Inkjet-printing system could enable mass-production of large-screen and flexible OLED displays.

MTL community marks successful MARC2015

February 11, 2015

In its new location at Quincy, MA, MTL's signature event continues to bring the MTL community together and to celebrate research achievements.

Jianqiang Lin winner of 2014 IEDM Best Student Paper Award

February 6, 2015

Four from MTL elected to National Academy of Engineering

February 5, 2015

New members include Profs. Anantha Chandrakasan, L. Rafael Reif, Karen Gleason, and Dr. Ghavam Shahidi

MTL Holds 2015 Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

February 4, 2015

Qubits with staying power

February 3, 2015

Technique greatly extends duration of fragile quantum states, pointing toward practical quantum computers.

Intrepid projects backed by Bose Grants

January 29, 2015

Five researchers--including MTL Director Jesús del Alamo and core faculty member Rajeev Ram--embark on high-risk ventures, supported by Prof. Amar G. Bose Research Grants.

New fibers can deliver many simultaneous stimuli

January 19, 2015

Implanted into the brain or spinal column, they can transmit drugs, light, and electrical signals.

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