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MLK Awards for MTL fiscal officer, student

February 9, 2006

MTL Fiscal Officer Acia Adams-Heath and graduate student Oluwamuyiwa Olubuyide were presented with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Awards at the 32nd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Celebration held on Thursday, February 9, 2005. The theme of this year's awards breakfast was "Dr. King's Unfinished Agenda: A Call for Economic & Social Justice in the 21st Century."

Leadership Award winners are honored for service to the community. Service to the community is defined in the broadest sense; it may include academic, research, religious and secular contributions.

When asked about her reaction to receiving the award, Adams-Heath responded,"I am pleased, proud and honored to be recognized for volunteer efforts done here on campus with the MIT Working Group for Support Staff Issues (, and also in my community with the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (" Adams-Heath has worked at MTL for six years.

Olubuyide has tutored students at MIT pro bono for approximately four years. Over the course of four years, about 30 students have benefitted from his philantropy. He set up a mentorship program in Bibb County, Georga that linked high school students showing academic promise but lacking the financial resources and direction to pursue higher education. This program was established in 2004 and would link the high school students with college students at Georgia Tech to show them what they could achieve given a glimpse of their potential.

"I wouldn't say it's MLK himself, but I did it because it was the right thing to do. I believe that the best thing that a person can do is to leave the world a better place than when they met it. Of course, I have to admit, it doesn't hurt that I actually enjoy what I do," responded Olubuyide when asked what was the driving factor behind his award-winning achievements.

MTL Director Martin A. Schmidt commented that "It gives me great pleasure to I let you know that... Acia Adams-Heath and Oluwamuyiwa Olubuyide received Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Awards" in an e-mail sent to MTL students, faculty, and staff.

View photos from the event at the MTL Image Gallery.

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