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Prof. Hae-Seung Lee named new MTL Associate Director

May 12, 2009

Prof. Hae-Seung "Harry" Lee was named as a new Associate Director for the Microsystems Techology Laboratories on May 11. The announcement was made by the MTL Director, Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan, via an e-mail sent to the MTL Community.

"It is my pleasure to announce a new Associate Director for MTL, Prof. Hae-Seung (Harry) Lee. Harry, who currently serves as the Director of the MTL Center on Circuits and Systems, will be involved in a number of core MTL activities including helping with industrial relations and MTL publications," said Chandrakasan in his e-mail.

Lee has pioneered several analog-to-digital circuit techniques such as digital calibration and comparator based switched capacitor design and has demonstrated benchmark results. Although Lee's research focus is in integrated circuit design, he also has a background in fabrication. As a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley, Lee developed a new CMOS process flow for the then new 3-inch fab and fabricated a A/D converter chip which achieved unprecedented 15 bit accuracy. Lee also developed a BiCMOS process in MTL's Integrated Circuit Laboratory (ICL) in the 1980s.

Lee will join the other Associate Directors, Prof. Judy Hoyt (Associate Director of Fabrication and MTL Safety Officer), Prof. Jesus A. del Alamo (Associate Director of Computation), Dr. Vicky Diadiuk (Associate Director for Fabrication Operations) and Mr. Samuel Crooks (MTL Administrative Officer and Associate Director of Finance).

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