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August 24, 2016

MTL is now at full staff in administrative, technical positions.

During the past six months, MTL welcomed four new staff members, bid farewell to three, and expanded the role of one. We continue to be fortunate in the high caliber of staff we attract and retain, and in the enduring commitment to fostering a strong and close-knit community that is the hallmark of MTL.
Pat Burkhart retired in July 2016, after almost 25 years of outstanding service to MTL. In her role as Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Pat ensured the safe operations of MTL's fab facilities in building 39 and faculty labs in buildings 38 and 39. MTL has maintained an impeccable safety record over the years and this is greatly due to Pat's commitment to excellence in all respects. In her retirement, Pat plans to focus on expanding her "other career" as an acupuncturist. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues and friends at MIT. Pat can be reached here.

MTL's HR Administrator, Debb Hodges-Pabón, has assumed an expanded role that now includes administrative management of MTL's industrial, community, and alumni relations. In this broader capacity, Debb will serve MTL as the primary administrative interface for the MIG, stewarding the coordinated delivery of MIG membership services. She will work closely with MTL leadership and our core MTL faculty to foster and expand both formal and informal interactions between MIG member companies and our students, faculty, researchers, and alumni. Debb will also continue her current work supporting the MTL community as HR Administrator and event planner extraordinaire.

In May 2016, William Holber, Associate Director for Industry Relations, left MIT to devote his full attention to his work at Plasmability, a company in which he is currently President and CTO. Bill has been an effective liaison to MTL's MIG member companies and an indefatigable spokesman for MTL's programs and activities in front of numerous delegations that have visited us over the last three years. Bill can be reached here.

Shereece Beckford joined MTL in July 2016, in a newly created role supporting Debb Hodges-Pabón on HR and community engagement activities. Before joining MIT as an employee, Shereece assisted MTL with temporary administrative coverage for four months supporting Professors Charlie Sodini and Ruonan Han. Shereece's administrative and communications skills were clearly spotlighted in her execution of the very successful MEDRC conference held in May 2016.

In May 2016, MTL was delighted to welcome Jami Hinds, who now serves as administrative assistant to Professor Duane Boning and Professor Tomás Palacios. Jami comes to MIT with a background of administrative work in university settings and a BS in computer science.

In March 2016, Nick Moscato, who had served MTL in a wide range of roles as an administrative assistant, left MIT. During his time at MTL, Nick made significant contributions to the production of MTL publications, including the Annual Report and the MARC Proceedings.

Mary O'Neil joined MTL as Senior Assistant to the MTL Director in March 2016. Mary comes to MIT from Wheaton College, where she worked for more than a decade in their development office. In this newly created role, Mary serves as a key resource to Professor Jesús del Alamo and the MTL leadership team in support of all lab-wide communications and activities.

We're delighted to note that MTL is now at full staff in our administrative and technical positions!

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