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Jeehwan Kim, of Mechanical Engineering, promoted to Associate Professor

February 22, 2018

Remote epitaxy technology cited as "game changer"

4inch GaN peel off.jpg

Freestanding remote epitaxial GaN film peeled off from 4-inch graphene/SiC substrate by using Kim's signature technique, called 2D material-based layer transfer.

Excerpts from letter to the community from MechE Department Head, Gang Chen:

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating Jeehwan Kim on his promotion to Associate Professor without Tenure.

Jeehwan made pioneering contributions to the manufacturing and growth of non-Si semiconductors. The industry currently lacks the freedom to select semiconductor materials based on its performance due to its cost in fabrication. At IBM, Jeehwan invented a layer resolved transfer process to precisely control the transfer of 2D materials monolayer by monolayer. After joining MIT, his group proved that this process can prepare wrinkle-free single-crystalline, single-domain graphene with high mobility. Furthermore, he demonstrated that the presence of a monolayer graphene is thin enough to allow a single-crystalline thin film growth on the graphene by registering the lattice structure of the single crystalline substrate, and that the film can be peeled off for the reuse of the substrate. This remote-epitaxy technology has game changing potential as it enables low-cost fabrication of a wide range of semiconductor thin films. Jeehwan is an enthusiastic educator and has established a strong teaching record since joining our faculty. Jeehwan has received the IBM Faculty Award and LAM Research Foundation Award, and he was an IBM Master Inventor with over 80 granted patents.

Congratulations Jeehwan for this well-deserved promotion.

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