The Microsystems Technology Laboratories produces several publications and news updates throughout the year.

Annual Research Report

The flagship publication for the lab is the Annual Research Report. This report provides an in-depth overview of the numerous research currently underway at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories. The Report contains abstracts of a variety of research projects in various research areas. MTL Annual Reports are available in archival format for your convenience. Many of these documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Since 2010, the report has been published online exclusively. It has returned to a PDF delivery mechanism as of 2014.

MARC Conference Proceedings

The MARC Conference Proceedings are available to MIG Members and the MTL community only. A password is needed to view this content.

From the Labs

From the Labs is MTL's periodic newsletter, taking the place of MTL Micronotes. Delivered electronically, the newsletter contains links to stories, awards, soft news from the lab, and more.

MTL News

The MTL News section of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories web site is intended to keep its community and outside readers informed about the activities of faculty and students who use its facilities. If you would like to post news or information on this page, call (617) 452-2545 or e-mail mara@mtl.mit.edu.

Previous Publications

MTL Micronotes was MTL's annual magazine created to keep MTL alumni, members, industrial consortium and friends up-to-date with the exciting research activities, events, and news from MTL. Four volumes are available spanning the years 2007-2010.

The Memo Series provides a large number of technical papers and theses. Like our conference proceedings, a password is needed to view this content.

MTL Annual Research Report 2017: View Online