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Center for Integrated Circuits and Systems




The most recent Review was Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Please go to Reviews for this and all previous talks.

The next Review will be on May 6, 2015. Mark your calendars.






The charter of the Center for Integrated Circuits and Systems is to:

  • Promote closer technical relation between MIT's Microsystems Technology Lab's (MTL) research and industry.
  • Initiate and fund new research in integrated circuits and systems.
  • Produce more students skilled in the same area
  • Address important research issues relevant to industry.
  • Solicit ideas for new research from industry.

The Center supports research area (IC's and systems) rather than research topic.

Center Membership Benefits:

  • early access to all research conducted by participating faculty (bi-annual research reviews)
  • close technical interaction
  • suggestions for future research
  • access to graduate students and faculty in circuits and systems
  • more students trained in circuits and systems for possible future employment

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