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Active Projects

Platforms for Ultra-Low-Power Biomedical Electronics
The Platforms for Ultra-Low-Power Biomedical Electronics team leverages highly digital techniques to increase energy efficiency of circuits and systems used in physiological sensing and activation. The broad scope of the group covers the IC design and platform integration of stimulation circuits, instrumentation front ends, analog-to-digital converters, digital signal processors, electronic textiles, and wireless transceivers.

Portable Multimedia
The MIT Portable Multimedia Group (PMMG) is exploring power reduction techniques at various design stages (algorithms, architectures and circuits) of the video CODEC. An effective method of reducing power involves the combination of aggressive voltage scaling and increased parallelism and pipelining to maintain performance. Additional architectural optimizations for power reduction such as reducing memory accesses and multiple frequency/voltage domains are also investigated.

Completed Projects

The MIT Sub-Threshold Circuits Group

The MIT UWB Project

The MIT µAMPS Project

The MIT 3D FPGA Project

The MIT Substrate Noise Analysis Project

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