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Feedback Control Loop Enables Minimum Energy Circuits
Yogesh Ramadass' minimum energy tracking loop provides the optimum supply voltage with high efficiency.
EDN: February 16, 2007
Electronics Weekly: February 16, 2007

Yogesh Ramadass wins the Beatrice Winner Award for Editorial Excellence at ISSCC 2007

Vivienne Sze wins the DAC/ISSCC 2007 Student Design Contest for "Design of an Ultra-Low-Voltage UWB Baseband Processor"

Texas Instruments, MIT, DARPA Collaboration Results in Industry's Lowest Voltage 65-nm SRAM
Ben Calhoun's 256-kbit SRAM in 65nm CMOS operates at 400mV, the lowest reported to date in this process.
EETimes: February 8, 2006
PRN/Houston Chronicle: February 8, 2006

"Subthreshold Design Holds Low-Power Promise"
Alice Wang's 180mV FFT processor showcases sub-threshold design techniques for future ultra-low energy processor design
EDN Article: May 26, 2005