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Latest News

Anantha Chandrakasan gave a plenary speech at the 2006 NSTI Nanotech conference.

Naveen Verma presented "A 25uW 100kS/s 12b ADC for Wireless Micro-Sensor Applications" at the 2006 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

Denis Daly, Daniel Finchelstein, Nathan Ickes and Naveen Verma won 3rd place in system-operational category of the 43rd DAC Student Design Contest. Their winning submission was "An Ultra Low Power Microsensor Node".

Alice Wang won 3rd place in operational category of the 40th DAC Student Design Contest. Her winning submission was "Energy-Aware Design of a Real-Valued FFT".

Alice Wang presented her 180 mV FFT processor at ISSCC! View her slides.

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