The International Vacuum Nanolectronics Conference (IVNC) formerly known as the International Vacuum Microelectronics Conference (IVMC) is the leading international forum for reporting research in field emission mechanism, materials and devices, vacuum nanoelectronics, vacuum microelectronics, field ionization and field emission displays.

An advance copy of the technical digest is available here.

Please note that the deadline for submitting full manuscripts to appear in JVST is September 1, 2004.

Instructions from JVST on preparing manuscripts are available here.

IVNC specific instructions are available here and here.


The size of the International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference necessitates that manuscripts considered for publication in the proceedings scheduled to appear in the March/April JVSTB, 2005 follow length guidelines. All manuscripts are refereed to the same standards as regular JVST submissions.

Papers will be reviewed according to criteria set by the JVST and must meet JVST standards for both technical content and written English. Length Constraints:

1. Papers can contain up to 4000 words (4 journal pages), which corresponds to a total of 16 pages of double-spaced text, tables, figures, references, abstract, etc.
2. Each figure and table should be on a separate page.
3. Table and figure captions should be listed on a page, NOT under the table or figure.
4. Multi-component figures may take up more than one page (of the 16 pages allowed) if each component cannot be reduced to 1/6 of a JVST page.
5. The text should be DOUBLE-SPACED using a 12-pitch type and pages should have one inch margins on all sides.

Manuscripts exceeding these length requirements will be forwarded to reviewers with a notation that the manuscript must be shortened.

Authors may include their internet e-mail addresses along with all other footnotes in the following format: Electronic mail:

Please label your manuscript with your conference presentation number. For any other details about manuscript preparation, please refer to Author Information on the JVST website.

Manuscript deadline: September 1, 2004

Submission of manuscript could be electronic or hardcopy. If you are making a hardcopy submission, please send the original and three copies to Ms. Carolyn Collins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room 39-553, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. If you are making electronic submissions, please send your pdf files to IVNC04@MIT.EDU.