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The mission of the MEMS Lunch Meeting is to promote interactions amongst members of the MEMS@MIT community by sharing detailed technical information on ongoing and future activities, as well as summaries of activities in the field (e.g. conferences). The attendance is restricted to MIT personnel to ensure that pre-publication material can be shared without jeopardizing publication or patent rights. Requests to be added to the MEMS Lunch Meeting list should be sent to Anne Wasserman, prior to the date of the next meeting. If you receive an announcement for MEMS Lunch that is forwarded to you, we ask that you register for MEMS Lunch and receive confirmation from Anne before attending, so that we can keep track of who is attending. If you have a non-MIT visitor that you wish to bring to MEMS Lunch, we must ask that you check far enough in advance with Anne so that we can contact the speaker for that day to determine if it is OK that they attend.

Mar. 19, 2004
SU-8 for MTL Fabbers: A User's Perspective
Speakers: Antimony L. Gerhardt, Saif Khan, Ed Park
Host: Professor Martin A. Schmidt
View slides (password protected)

Friday, Sept. 6, 2002
Biomolecule Analysis Using Micro/nanofluidic Devices
Speaker: Prof. Jongyoon Han (EECS)

Friday, Sept. 13, 2002
Fabrication Tutorial: Thin Film PZT and XeF2 at MTL
Speakers: Nick Conway, Dr. Yongbae Jeon, Chee-wei Wong
Host: Professor Sang-Gook Kim

Friday, Sept. 20, 2002
6.151 Project Lab Summary: Field Effect Sensor with Integrated Microfluidics
Speaker: Peter Russo
Host: Professor Scott Manalis

Friday, Sept. 27, 2002
The Microhydraulic Transducer Project: Development and Testing of a Bi-Directional MEMS Piezoelectric Pump/Generator
Speakers: Dr. Hanqing Li and Lodewyk Steyn
Host: Professor Martin Schmidt

October 4, 2002
Wafer Bonding: Some Things You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Speakers: Dr. Nori Miki, Christine Tsau, Kevin Turner
Host: Prof. Martin Schmidt

Oct. 11, 2002
PDMS Micromolding in MTL - How You Can Prototype Your Microfluidic Device in Two Days!
Speaker: Hang Lu (Profs.Jensen/Schmidt)
View slides (password protected)

Oct. 18, 2002
Deep Reactive Ion Etching In MTL
Speakers: Dr. Hanqing Li, Dr. Hongwei Sun, Dennis Ward, Linhvu Ho
Host: Professor Duane Boning
View slides (password protected)


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