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Adler Conference Room Guidelines


MTL has final approval over all event submissions. MTL faculty/principal investigators and those scheduling events of relevance to the MTL community will have priority over others. 


The key to open the Adler conference room is available in 39-321.  It is permanently located on a hook located on the cubicle partition on the left of the office entrance and is labeled appropriately.


Special or extra Equipment/ Furniture

If you need additional items for your Adler room reservation other than those provided by MTL (including additional furniture or equipment), it will be your responsibility to make arrangements with the appropriate vendors.  Please schedule delivery and pickup of additional items at a time that will not interfere with other events scheduled in the Adler room.


You are responsible for arriving prior to your reservation to accept food orders and to set up your items up as needed.  It is also your responsibility to schedule drop-offs and pick-ups in a fashion that does not overlap with events scheduled before or after your reservation.


Complete clean up and removal of trash is a requirement for any/all users.  MTL has provided for trash and recycle bins outside the Adler room. 

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