Using MTL ยป Computation

Computation & Networking in MTL

The MTL Computation staff includes:

MTL manages a computation and networking infrastructure and associated services for the benefit of its community and in support of its mission. The main components of this activity are:

Data communications network

MTL runs a high-speed Ethernet network throughout its facilities in Buildings 38 and 39. The data rate throughout the buildings is 100 Mb/s. Wireless 802.11b at 11Mb/s is also available throughout the entire lab by way of both DHCP and Static IP addresses. This network connects to the MIT fiber optic backbone.

E-mail , web server, and FTP services

MTL provides electronic mail services for its faculty, staff and students as well as to all fab users. MTL website hosts a website with public and private spaces and provides web hosting for the community. MTL also supports other networking services such as secure FTP.  A Windows Domain is also available throughout the MTL network.

Computer accounts

Each member of the MTL community receives an MTL computer account with and associated home directory space. This is accessible through Unix or Windows (via Samba for network storage). Users that wish to use CAD services can subscribe to these separately.

CAD resources for design and simulation

MTL supports a wide range of hardware and software for CAD design and simulation. The emphasis is on systems based on Solaris from Sun Microsystems and Red Hat Linux. All users with CAD needs can subscribe to these services.


MTL supports several public printers and multifunction machines around its facilities. MTL also provides support with the installation and maintenance of private networked printers and multifunction machines in individual offices and lab spaces.

Support for privately owned computers, workstations, and printers

MTL provides support for privately owned computers, workstations, printers and multifunction machines. MTL supports the installation, networking and routine maintenance of these machines, including backups.

Computer backup

MTL provides archiving and nightly backup services for servers, workstations and personal computers whether publicly owned or privately owned. MTL can also back up laptop computers that are roaming in and out of the network.


MTL provides access to design and simulations CAD tools. MTL has a number of agreements in place to distribute software throughout its community for academic use.  


MTL uses CORAL to manage its fabrication facilities. The CORAL software system is a suite of software tools that is designed to help with the management and operation of advanced laboratories such as micro- and nanofabrication facilities found in a number of universities.


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