Using MTL ยป Computation

Account Charges

MTL has a fee structure to help pay for the network infrastructure, shared machines and printers, and compute staff. This page summarizes information about the various types of accounts and fees charged by MTL related to computation and networking.

Machine Compute charge
General MTL User Compute charge
MTL CAD User Compute charge

To minimize administrative overhead, temporary suspension of charges for a machine is not allowed. Depending on the type of machine, machine charges are stopped when the user leaves MTL or when the machine is decommissioned.

A user can inactivate their MTL account by logging into MUMMS, clicking on the Manage Your Services link and changing their Service Level to MUMMS Only

Alternatively, the user's supervisor or supervisor administrator can request a user's account be inactivated by logging into MUMMS, clicking on Manage Users, then selecting the user in question and then choosing Request Inactivation on the user's main page.

To request a computer be inactivated and removed from charging, the computer's supervisor or supervisor administrator can login to MUMMS, click on Manage Computers, select the computer in question and then choose Request Inactivation on the computer's main page.

If you need assistance with MTL MUMMS or are having trouble requesting inactivation of a user or computer, then please e-mail either or

Machine Compute charge

Short Answer

$45/month for each device connected to the network and supported by MTL. The fee is the same for unix workstations, PCs, Macs, printers, and any other device on the network. All MIT-owned machines (including both desktop and MIT-owned faculty/staff/student laptops) are charged; student-owned laptops (not owned by MIT) regularly residing at MTL will be charged. MTL policy does not allow hubs or routers that "share" IP addresses or ports.

Long Answer

General MTL user accounts

$30/month for each user account.

CAD user accounts

$60/month for each CAD user account. A CAD user is a superset of an MTL user account (that is to say, a CAD user is also automatically an MTL user).


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