Using MTL ยป Computation

CAD Resources

MTL supports a number of CAD software tools, including general purpose tools such as matlab, technology CAD tools, and electronic CAD tools. To use these tools (on either MTL general use machines or on research group owned machines), you must have an MTL CAD account.

If you are an MTL affiliated student, faculty or staff member, or visitor, you can have a CAD account on the MTL computing systems, pending approval by an authorized faculty or staff supervisor.

You must first have a general MTL user account. If you do not already have one, you may register for one Using MUMMS.

If you already have an MTL account, you may request a CAD account by logging into MUMMS and adding the CAD service to your list of services.

Special note regarding soft links in CAD simulations:

CAD problems and questions should be directed to cad-problems@mtl.


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