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How E-mail Works at MTL


MTL offers the users both secure POP/IMAP services for reading e-mail and secure SMTP Authentication for sending e-mail. All incoming and outgoing messages that travel through the MTL mail servers are scanned for viruses and other dangerous attachments/content as well as being marked with a spam tag if the message may be of a suspicious or junk/spam nature. In addition, to protect MTL from spam and/or being blamed for sending spam to the rest of the world, all e-mail that is sent through the MTL mail servers from outside MTL (e.g. from your home) and destined for an outside e-mail address (e.g. is required to be sent through a secure authenticated connection.

Message Scanning

As mentioned above, all messages going through the MTL mail system are scanned. Messages that are found to contain computer viruses are not delivered and are removed from the system. Other messages that contain possibly dangerous attachments/content are cleaned, with said attachments/content being removed and replaced with an informative message regarding what was removed and why. The message is then delivered to the recipient while the sender also gets a message stating that the attachment/content was removed and why. In addition to virus and attachment/content scanning, MTL also does spam tagging where each message is assigned a spam score based on the system's educated guess as to the probability that the message is spam. These messages are not deleted but are delivered to the recipient and can optionally be filtered into a special spam folder if the user chooses to do so.

E-mail Requirements

MTL e-mail services are only available to MTL users. If you're not currently an MTL user but would like to use the MTL FAB facilities or make use of CAD services, you'll need to register for an MTL account. Information on getting an account can be found at this page. Once you have an account, you can use MUMMS to manage your MTL information including your e-mail settings. Users who don't reside within MTL or don't work for faculty that are directly affiliated with MTL are typically restricted to forwarding their MTL mail to another account and do not get full MTL e-mail privileges.

Configuring Your Mail Client to Use MTL E-mail Services

This only applies to MTL users who have full e-mail privileges. Each e-mail client will vary on the specific location where these settings are entered. Some will call them Tools, Preferences, Options, etc. but the key settings you will need are:

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Server Name:

Incoming Server Port: 993

Incoming Server Connection: SSL

Incoming Server Authentication Method: normal password

Outgoing Server Name:

Outgoing Server Port: 465

Outgoing Server Connection: SSL

Outgoing Server Authentication Method: normal password

If you need help entering these settings in your specific e-mail client, please send mail to:



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