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Secure SMTP Authentication


While users have always been required to authenticate with a username and password in order to read their e-mail via POP or IMAP, sending e-mail has always been an open service not requiring authentication. Unfortunately, this situation has led to spammers and others Using e-mail servers in order to send their junk e-mail and mass e-mailings through these servers. In order to combat this problem, it was necessary to require users to authenticate when sending e-mail through a mail server. Secure SMTP Authentication is the name of this service that is used in order to authenticate you when you send e-mail through the MTL SMTP server ( All MTL e-mail users will be required to use this service when sending e-mail through the MTL SMTP server.

Relaying Errors

If you are experiencing problems sending e-mail through the MTL SMTP server, then this could be because you are attempting to send the e-mail without first authenticating to the MTL SMTP server. These errors are called relaying errors and can be fixed by configuring your mail client to use Secure SMTP Authentication.

Configuring Your Mail Client to Use Secure SMTP Authentication

Please go here to see how to configure various mail clients for use with MTL mail services including the proper configuration for Secure SMTP Authentication usage.


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