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Networking Services

Policy for Group-Owned Computing Hardware in MTL Network (Revised: April 2005)

Individual research groups, administrative groups, lab groups, and other organizations can operate their own networked computers and peripherals. However, the MTL computing staff must be involved in connecting all hardware on the MTL network. This is imperative to ensure that the configuration, networking, and security options are consistent with the requirements for shared and safe use on our network. Please contact the staff to schedule all workstation, server, and personal computer setups, including laptops.  It is not recommended that personal laptops be put on the MTL Windows Domain, but we do have a number of software applications we can install for you.

The MTL computing organization does not purchase parts or computers for group-owned hardware. The computing staff can help suggest or specify replacement disk drives, workstations, software, etc., but it does not place such orders nor pay for these items.

Accessing the network is an important part of utilizing the computing resources at MTL.  To do this, you will need a network connection.  These are available via wired network wall jacks or via MTL’s wireless infrastructure.  The wired jacks are faster, but wireless access may be more convenient.  If you are not sure if your jack is working, send mail to specifying the office number and the number on the jack and we will verify that the jack is live and working properly.

A network (IP) address is necessary in order to access MTL’s network.  You can obtain one automatically by setting your computer to use DHCP.

For access to certain network resources – backups, CORAL -  it will be necessary to obtain a fixed address.  To do so, please request one by Using these links:

For information about wireless access at MTL as well as links to help you access greater MIT’s wireless network , use this link:



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