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Printing Services

MTL provides a number of printers for the general use of the community, and assists in the setup of networked printers purchased by research or admin groups. Information about printing is contained on this page.

  1. What are the general use printers?
  2. The printer is out of paper/toner
  3. How do I print from Unix?
  4. Double-sided printing
  5. How do I cancel my print job?
  6. Who to contact for printer repair
  7. How do I add a printer?
  8. Private Research Group Printers

1. What are the general use printers?

MTL owns three printers for use by all MTL members.

A Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4050TN is located in the Xerox copier room on the second floor (39-224). This printer is identified as mtlhp1 on all Solaris 7/8 servers/workstations and is configured as the default printer for MTL. On older UNIX machines, it might be identified by simply hp.

Another Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4050TN is located in the 6th floor lounge (39-669). This printer is identified as mtlhp2 on all Solaris 7/8 servers/workstations within MTL. On older UNIX machines, it might be identified by simply hp4.

Both printers are 600dpi and have the PostScript option installed. What this means is that the printers are set up to understand Postscript, but in fact can also understand text and their native language: HP PCL. If you send them a simple text file, it will be printed, but the font or format may not be what you want. For further information on changing such settings, see the enscript command below.

The third printer is an HP 4550 Color Laserjet also located in the Xerox copier room (39-224). This printer is called mtl-color. This printer may or may not be setup on your Unix or PC workstation, if you need access to this printer send email to problems@mtl requesting access. Please DO NOT use just any transparency in this printer! You could damage the printer by doing so. The part number you should be Using is: C2934A

NOTE: The color printer is not FREE, if you use this printer you will be charged per page. There is a form in front of the printer, please fill this out after you are done printing.

2. The printer is out of paper/toner

Please get printer supplies for the MTL owned printers from 39-221.

3. How do I print from Unix?

Here are the typical commands (they will work on most of the UNIX boxes you'll be printing from (including Sun Solaris which is the main UNIX server environment within MTL):

These are the most basic commands you can use but there are a many more commands that are not complicated and allow you to get a little fancier. These include enscript, mp, and mpage. You're encouraged to look over the man pages for these tools to learn the appropriate command line arguments that will do what you want to do. The following is a simple description of what each tool does:

% man enscript % man -s1 mp % man mpage

4. Double-Sided Printing

The MTL-owned printers in 39-224 and 39-669 have the duplex (two-sided) option installed and is turned on by default. In order to get files to print out single-sided, use the following lp command from most UNIX workstations/servers within MTL:

lp -d <printer-name-goes-here> -oDuplex=None <>

If you're printing a text file, then try the following:

Please DO NOT disable the duplex option by Using the control panel. This annoys people (especially the person who tries to reset it) and will only cause pain and grief.

5. How do I cancel a print job?

To cancel your print job on an MTL managed printer, you can go to the main MTL printers page. Click on the name of your printer and then look at the list of active jobs. From here, you can cancel any jobs that are yours. You will need to login with your MTL UNIX username and password in order to cancel your jobs. You can also go directly to the page for your particular printer by going to your printer name &gt .

NOTE: This will only work from within the MTL network.

6. Who to contact for printer repair

IS&T has contracted with outside vendors to service and repair printers. More information about these vendors can be found here .

Note that MTL does not provide for the upkeep of work group printers (Compute only maintains the identified shared printers in the building); you will need to have an account number from your advisor or supervisor.

7. How do I add a printer?



• First, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features

• Then click on Turn Windows features on or off

• Expand the box next to Print and Document Services
and put a check in the check box next to LPR Port Monitoring
On some versions of Windows it will be labeled Print Services for Unix

• Click Next to install the software. The software that is needed may already be included on your machine. If not, it will require the Windows cd. If so, let us know and we will come over with the necessary software.

• Next, add the printer by going to Start -> Devices and Printers -> Add a printer

• Although it is a network printer, choose 'Add a Local Printer' -> Create a new port -> LPR Port

Note: If you do not see LPR Port listed as an option, you need to go back to the steps above and make sure that LPR Port Monitoring is enabled.

• Server:
Queue: <printer-name> (without the <> characters)

• Choose the printer's manufacturer and model from the list of printers.



The procedure for adding a printer to a Mac is similar:

• Apple->System Preferences->Print and Scan
click on the plus sign (+) to add a printer
click on IP

• Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

• Address:

• Queue: <printer-name> (without the <> characters)
Name: same as queue
Location: does not matter

• Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer

8. Private Research Group Printers

MTL Compute supports research group owned printers as long as they are networked (i.e. they have an IP address).   If you need help or suggestions on what to order, please email problems and someone will get back to you.

• Please request a hostname/IP before you order your printer!  It can take up to 2 weeks to receive an IP address, keep this in mind when ordering your printer; no IP address means a delay in setting up
  your new printer.  You can request an IP here

• Please do not setup or attempt to setup a network printer without contacting MTL Compute

• MTL Compute does not pay for toner, hardware repairs (i.e. rollers, transfer kits, etc.) to group owned printers.

• MTL Compute will setup and configure your network printer; printer maintenance will either be handled by the MTL Compute team or from an outside source depending on the problem.


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