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Software Resources

Software Distribution

MTL has access to various software packages through MIT. We can install this software on Institute-owned equipment for you, but we do not lend out the media for the software.

Set-up of new Institute-owned machines as well as installation of operating systems on existing Institute-owned machines should be done by the compute group.

For personal machines, the rule of thumb is that if you can download the software yourself from MIT with your personal certificate, then we can install it for you as a courtesy. Of course, if you can download it then you can also install it yourself.

Recently, MIT arranged for students, faculty, and staff to be able to download and install Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office themselves. For more information about this, please go to MIT's Available Software site.

Some software cannot be installed on students' personal machines. An example of this is Adobe Acrobat. This may be installed on Institute-owned machines and on the personal machines of faculty and staff. But students will need to purchase discounted licenses for use on their personal machines.

Note that *all* machines - personal or Institute-owned - must have some kind of anti-virus software running if they are going to be used on MTL's network.

Software we can install from CD/DVD media onto Institute-owned machines:

Software we typically install on Institute-owned machines via download from MIT's Available Software site (or you can download and install yourself Using an MIT personal certificate):

Other software is available for download and installation on Institute-owned machines at MIT's Available Software site but we usually only install it when needed.

Supported Software

The software listed above in the Software Distribution section is supported. In addition to that, MTL supports various other software packages on Institute-owned machines that can be obtained via download or as part of an operating system.

Email software is a personal choice, but we have found the least trouble when Using Mozilla's Thunderbird. That being said, we generally mirror IS&T's supported email clients:

Some older versions of the software and operating systems listed above are still supported, but they are no longer installed by MTL. Examples of these are:

Some versions of software are so old that they are only supported on a best-effort basis. An example of this is:

Some operating system software is so old that we do not recommend putting it on the network for security's sake. If for some reason you need a machine running one of these operating systems, they can be set up in a non-networked way. Examples of these are:

MTL also has many license agreements covering CAD tools such as Matlab, Cadence and Synopsys. For information on CAD software and resources, go to MTL's CAD Resources webpage.

For more information on installing this software on your Institute-owned equipment, send mail to


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