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Wireless Networking

We have wireless network access within Building 39. We have installed access points in various locations throughout the building. As a result of this, all residential gateways should be removed from the network, as they will cause problems with network administration. Access to other buildings is handled by their networking staff. For example Buildings 36 and 38 are handled by RLE/EECS networking staff.

To take advantage of this access, you will need a wireless network card. The following links are the cards that are supported and recommended by MIT/IS. We have been following their lead in making our recommendations for compatibility's sake:

To set up your network settings for wireless access in MTL, you only need to set your wireless network card to get its network address via DHCP. Make sure to choose MTL Wireless from the list of available wireless networks. Because MTL does not use WEP, you may need to tell your operating system to allow the connection even though it is insecure. In addition, because the connection is insecure, access to some services is limited. Telnet and ftp are not allowed within 18.62, so you will need to install a secure client like SecureCRT and use ssh to access machines within 18.62.

To take advantage of wireless network access elsewhere at MIT, there is a more extensive set of instructions and policies. Keep in mind that this is *their* policy, not MTL's. The following is a link to MIT/IS's web page about this:

They require you to first have a fixed IP address *before* you can register your wireless card. MIT/IS will charge you for this address, but MTL won't, so you may want to request an IP address from MTL.

As always, if you have any difficulty, please send mail to


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