Principal Investigator

Research Scientist

  • Nathan Ickes

Graduate Students

  • Phillip Nadeau (RF Circuits)
  • Arun Paidimarri (RF Circuits)
  • Bonnie Lam (Digital beamforming for ultrasound)
  • Rui Jin (Wireless power delivery)


  • Sunghyuk Lee (ADCs)
  • Kailiang Chen (Analog transceivers for ultrasound)
  • Marcus Yip (Analog and mixed-signal)
  • Patrick Mercier (RF Circuits and eTextiles)
  • Joyce Kwong (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Jose Bohorquez (RF Circuits and Analog)
  • Denis Daly (RF Circuits and Clocking)
  • Helen Liang (System Integration)
  • Naveen Verma (ADCs and Analog)

Faculty Collaborators


Platforms for Ultra-Low-Power
Biomedical Electronics
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