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MTL Annual Research Report 2013 » Theses Awarded 2012-2013

Theses Awarded 2012-2013


  • Cela, D. (M. Dresselhaus) “Studies of bilayer and trilayer graphene”
  • Tang, S. (M. Dresselhaus) “Theoretical study on the band structure of Bi1 xSbx thin films”
  • Hou, S.M.  (J. Lang) “Design and fabrication of a MEMS-array pressure sensor system for passive underwater navigation inspired by the lateral line”


  • Ujwal Radhakrishna (D. Antoniadis) “A Compact Transport and Charge Model for GaN-Based High Electron Mobility Transistors for RF Applications,”
  • Nicaise, Sam (K. Berggren) “Chemical and Physical Methods of the Templated Direction of Block Copolymers”
  • Chuang, P. (D. Boning & D. Rosenfield) “Supply Chain Impacts of Shipping Ball-Grid-Array Notebook Processors in Tape and Reel”
  • Desai, N. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “A Reconfigurable, Low-Power BAN for Healthcare Applications”
  • El-Damak,D. (A.P.Chandrakasan)”Design of Ultra Low Power Analog-to-Digital Converter for Ambulatory EEG Recording”
  • Tikekar, M. (A.P. Chandrakasan)  “Circuit Implementations for High-Efficiency Video Coding Tools”
  • Cho, T.S. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “An Energy Efficient CMOS Interface to Carbon Nanotube Sensor Arrays”
  • Vitavisiri, S. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “A Non-Coherent Ultra-Wideband Receiver: Algorithms and Digital Implementation”
  • Cho, S. (N.X. Fang) “Investigation of Defects  on Acoustic Scattering in Cloak by Molding Process”
  • Chern, W. (J.L. Hoyt) “Compressively Strained Ge Trigate p-MOSFETs”
  • Qin, Q. (Q. Hu) “Development of Tunable Terahertz Quantum Cascade Wire Lasers”
  • Song, Y. (J.Kong, A. P. Chandrakasan) “Iron (III) Chloride Doping of Large-Area Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene”
  • Niroui, F. (J. Lang) “Electromechanical modulation of electrical conduction through organic thin films for switching applications”
  • Woo, M.E. (J. Lang) “Development of a porous piezoresistive material and its applications to underwater pressure sensors and tactile sensors”
  • Perez, M.  (H.S. Lee) “A Hardware Platform to Test Compressed Sensing, Analog-to-Information Conversion and Non-Uniform Sampling,”
  • Sabino, J.  (H.S. Lee) “An Electronically Steered, Wearable Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System,”
  • Mysore, O. (L. Daniel) “Device and Interconnect Modeling using Verilog-A”
  • Sheth, N (T. Palacios) “Simplifying Customer Allocations for Products with Unconstrained Supply “
  • Zhang, X. (T. Palacios) “Surface Functionalization of Graphene Devices”
  • Mailly, B. (T. Palacios) “Solution-Gated Graphene Transistors for Chemical and Biological Sensing Applications”
  • Chen, O. (L-S. Peh) “On-Chip Network Exploration and Synthesis”
  • Park, S. (A.P. Chandrakasan and L-S. Peh) “Low-Swing Signaling for Energy Efficient On-Chip Networks”
  • Gao, J. (L-S. Peh) “Distributed Mobile Platforms and Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems”
  • Delano, M. (C.G. Sodini) “A Long Term Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG) Measurement System”
  • Jayanti, V. (L.F. Velásquez-García) “Miniaturized Electron-impact-ionization Pumps using Double-gated Isolated Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays”
  • Bagnall, K. (E.N. Wang) “Device-level Thermal Analysis of GaN-based Electronics”Chen,
  • S. (E.N. Wang) “Bubble Dynamics on Structured Surfaces in Microchannels”
  • Zhu, Y. (E.N. Wang) “Magnetic Tunable Microstructured Surfaces for Thermal Management and Microfluidic Applications”
  • Stein, Itai Y. (B. Wardle) “Synthesis and Characterization of Next-Generation Multifunctional Material Architectures: Aligned Carbon Nanotube Carbon Matrix Nanocomposites”
  • Handlin, D. (B. Wardle) “Three-Dimensional Constitutive Relations of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Polymer Nanocomposites”, June 2013
  • Guo, A. (J. A. del Alamo) “Nano-scale Metal Contacts for Future III-V CMOS”
  • Zhao, X. (J. A. del Alamo)  “Superlattice-Source Nanowire FET with Steep Subthreshold Characteristics”
  • Warnock, S. (J. A. del Alamo)  “A Ballistic Transport Model for HEMTs and III-V MOSFETs”
  • Guo, L. (J. A. del Alamo)  “Enhancing p-channel InGaSb Quantum-Well Field-Effect Transistors via process-induced uniaxial strain (tentative title)”
  • Mandal, A. (J. A. del Alamo)  “Modeling Lifetime Drift in Poly-Silicon Resistors (tentative title)”


  • Milaninia, K. (M.A. Baldo) “Nanomechanical Transistors” August 20009
  • Heidel, T.D. (M.A. Baldo) “Organic Solar Cells” January 2010
  • Fan, W. (D. Boning) “Advanced Modeling of Planarization Processes for Integrated Circuit Fabrication”
  • Chang, A. (D. Boning & H.S. Lee) “Low-Power High-Performance SAR ADC with Redundancy and Digital Background Calibration”
  • Bandyopadhyay, S. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “Energy Efficient Control for Power Management Circuits operating from nano-watts to watts”
  • Chen, F. (V. Stojanovic and A.P. Chandrakasan) “Energy-efficient Wireless Sensors: Fewer Bits, Moore MEMS”
  • Lee, K.J. (A.P. Chandrakasan and J. Kong)  “Demonstration of Monolithically Integrated Graphene Interconnects for Low-Power CMOS Applications”
  • Mercier, P. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “Communication and Energy Delivery Architectures for Personal Medical Devices”
  • Sinangil, M. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “Low-Power and Application-Specific SRAM Design for Energy-Efficient Motion Estimation”
  • Qazi, M. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “Circuit Design for Embedded Memory in Low-Power Integrated Circuits”
  • Wentzloff, D.D. (A.P. Chandrakasan) “Pulse-Based Ultra-Wideband Transmitters for Digital Communication”
  • Ma, H. (N.X. Fang) “Manipulating Light At Subwavelength Scales”
  • Lee, H. (N.X. Fang) “Three Dimensional Soft Active Materials for Bio-Inspired Functional Micro Devices”
  • Yang Pacella, N. (E.A. Fitzgerald) “III-V/Si Integration: Engineered Substrates and Si-like Processing of III-V Devices”
  • Famenini, S. (C. Fonstad) “Coaxial Recess Integration of InGaAs Edge Emitting Laser Diodes with Waveguides on Silicon Substrates: A Complete Solution to Laser Integration on ICs,”
  • Zorzos, A.  (C. Fonstad and E.S. Boyden) “3-D Optical Waveguide Arrays for In-Vivo Opto-genetics:  Development and Application,”
  • Aniruddh S. (J. Han) “A Microfluidic Concentrationi-Enhanced Single Cell Enzyme Activity Assay,”
  • Li, L. (J. Han) “Microfluidic Enabling Technologies for Measurement of the Selective Permeability of the Mucus Barrier” December 2012
  • Chang, S. (J. Lang) “Harvesting Energy from Non-Ideal Vibrations”
  • Chang, A.H.T. (H.S. Lee) “Low Power High-Performance SAR ADC with Redundancy and Digital Background Calibration,”
  • Lu, B. (T. Palacios) “GaN Power Transistors grown on Si Substrates”
  • Ye, J. (C.V. Thompson) “Solid-state Dewetting of Continuous and Patterned Single Crystal Ni Thin Films”
  • Whitfield, G. (H. Tuller) “Photo-Assisted Processed at Semiconductor-Gas Interfaces”
  • Przybyla, L. (J. Voldman) “The cell-secreted microenvironment: shaping embryonic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation”
  • Sampattavanich, S. (J. Voldman) “A general method for studying autocrine signaling and its impact on cancer cell growth”
  • Xiao, R. (E.N. Wang) “Wetting and Phase-Change Phenomena on Micro/Nanostructures for Enhanced Heat Transfer”
  • Chu, K.-H. (E.N. Wang) “Micro and Nanostructured Surfaces for Enhanced Phase Change Heat Transfer”
  • Kariya, H.A (E.N. Wang) “Development of an Air-Cooled, Loop-Type Heat Pipe with Multiple Condensers”
  • Miljkovic, N. (E.N. Wang) “Development and Characterization of Micro/Nanostructured Surfaces for Enhanced Condensation”
  • Steiner III, S.A., (B. Wardle) “Carbon Nanotube Growth on Challenging Substrates: Applications for Carbon-Fiber Composites,” Feb. 2012


  • Liu, H. (L-S. Peh) “The Design and Implementation of a Distributed Photo Sharing Android Application Over Ad-Hoc Wireless”
  • Jang, (L.F. Velásquez-García) D. “Carbon Nanotube-based Field Ionization Vacuum Pump”


  • Knudsen, V. (L.F. Velásquez-García) “Emerging Trends in the Satellite Industry”