III-Nitrides Technology Newsletter

— jbaylon; June 4th, 2014 |

III-N Technology, Issue No.17 (May 2014) This monthly newsletter presents a selection of newest scientific publications, patent applications and press releases related to III-Nitride semiconductor materials (Ga, AlN, InN and alloys). GANEX – Newsletter No17 (May 2014) All issues on Free subscription on

2014 MIT-MTL GaN Energy Initiative Online Registration

— jbaylon; May 9th, 2014 |

March 12, 2014: MIT-MTL GaN Energy Initiative Special Seminar (Donghyun Jin)

— jbaylon; March 13th, 2014 |

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Updated list of GaN publications

— tpalacios; July 4th, 2012 |

The updated list of MIT’s  GaN-related publications can be found here. Please note that only the members of the MIT GaN Energy Initiative have access to this page. If you would like more information regarding how to become a member, please send an an email here.