Terahertz (100GHz~10THz) wave, due to its unique radiation properties, is opening up tremendous opportunities in non-ionizing medical imaging, biochemical molecule spectroscopy, ultra-high-speed communication, etc. Traditionally, this spectrum is difficult to reach using either electronic or optic method.

The Terahertz Integrated Electronics Group focuses on the scientific approaches to bridge such THz Gap. Our effort spans from electronic device engineering, analog/microwave design, to innovation of the system architecture. In our integrated circuits and systems, we blend the theoretical analyzes/optimizations of nonlinear devices with the holistic designs of electromagnetic distributed structures. With these works, we aim to push the fundamental limits of the integrated technology and to revolutionize the communication and biomedical electronic infrastructures.

Openings are available for RAs and Postdocs. Please contact Ruonan for more details.


Non-Ionizing Imaging


Inter-Chip Communications