Graduate Students


Ashley Beckwith

Ashley received her B.S. degrees in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University in 2010. As an undergraduate, her interdisciplinary research experiences included the 3D-printing of biomedical devices, examination of cellular responses to biomaterial surface modifications, and the development of novel, automated cellular lysis technology. She joined the Velásquez-García Group in 2016 and is currently working to improve the design and manufacturability of microfluidic technologies intended for biological applications. She is a Draper Fellow.

Yosef Kornbluth

Yosef earned a B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Yeshiva University. While an undergraduate, he conducted research in catastrophic network failure, plasma modelling for a stellarator, and computational microfluidics. He joined Prof. Velásquez-García’s group in 2016 and is developing a MEMS-based 3D printer for metals using microplasmas.