Microsystems Annual Research Conference | January 19–20, 2011 | Boston Marriott Cambridge

Microsystems Annual Research Conference | January 19–20, 2011 | Boston Marriott Cambridge

Poster Hunt! Clue Submission Form

In an effort to enhance the exposure of your work to MARC visitors and to encourage interactions both within and between fields, a new element to last year’s poster sessions is returning: a Poster Hunt! During their exploration of the posters on display, visitors will be encouraged to participate in a competition – completing a crossword based on clues pertaining to the posters they have visited. There will be one clue per poster, with a number clearly directing participants to your poster location. Prizes will again be awarded. We request that you submit a suitable clue (i.e. a question topical to your poster) and answer using the web form below by the deadline of December 15th, 2010.

Please take the time to construct a clue and answer. The competition is designed so as to publicize your work and motivate fruitful discussions, not to encourage poster hopping! In addition, you are of course welcomed to participate in the competition during the poster session in which you are not presenting.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Poster Hunt Clue and Answer Submission

Guidelines and Examples

We request that you submit a clue (or question) pertaining to the research presented in your poster along with a one word answer which will be incorporated into a crossword. Clues and answers should relate to a fundamental concept/aim/result of either your specific project or your specific field of research. Take-home-messages rather than plain facts are encouraged since this both deepens participants’ appreciation of the crux of your work and also makes the Poster Hunt more of a challenge! Difficultly level should be such that a graduate level scientist could discover the answer within a couple of minutes of discussion of your work with you. The answer keyword may be present in your abstract (optional), but absolutely should also be present in your poster (required). Answers must be alphabetic (i.e. comprise only letters). We may make minor grammatical modifications in order to suit crossword style (for example, alter question style or remove hyphens) but will contact you regarding significant changes. Please find examples below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

  1. Clue: In dielectric spectroscopy of biological cells, what kind of polarization are we most interested in?
    Answer: Interfacial
  2. Clue: The use of multiple high-Q resonators in an RF front-end enables multi-________ operation.
    Answer: Channel
  3. Clue: What post-process step enables photonic integration within standard foundry CMOS processes?
    Answer: Undercut
  4. Clue: Carbon nanotubes behave as exceptional mechanical ______ for storing energy because of their high stiffness and strength.
    Answer: Springs

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