ID First Name Last Name Abstract Title Session
1.01 Kevin Bagnall Transient Thermal Dynamics of Gallium Nitride HEMTs Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.02 Yuhao Zhang GaN HEMTs with Diamond Back-barries and Cap-layers Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.03 Ahmad Zubair Vertical Graphene-on-GaN Hot Electron Transistor Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.04 Yufei Wu Gate stack degradation of InAlN/GaN HEMTs for RF Applications Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.05 Alex Guo Negative-Bias Temperature Instability in Gallium Nitride Power Field-Effect Transistors Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.06 Shireen Warnock Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown in High-Voltage GaN Field-Effect Transistors Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.07 Sameer Joglekar Effect of Reactive Ion Etching on Regrown Ohmic Contacts in AlGaN/GaN Devices. Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.08 Ujwal Radhakrishna GaNFET High Voltage Circuit Design using Physical Compact Model Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.09 Redwan Sajjad Interface trap assisted parasitic currents in Tunnel Field-Effect transistors Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.10 Xiaowei Cai Electrical Stability of InGaAs Quantum-Well MOSFETs Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.11 Alon Vardy Quantum-size effects in Sub-10 nm InGaAs FinFETs Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.12 John Niroula Mobility Analysis with FIN Scaling Using Nano Hall Structures Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.13 Tao Yu InGaAs/GaAsSb with intrinsic tunneling steepness ~50mV/dec Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.14 Christopher Foy Wide-field Magnetic Field Imaging with Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds at High Frame-rates Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.15 Andy Shih High-Voltage Organic Thin Film Transistor Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.16 Jie Hu High Performance and Stable Au-free AlGaN/GaN Later Power Diode on 200-mm Silicon Substrate Electronic & Quantum Devices
2.01 Rose Abramson Impedance Control Network Resonant Step-Down DC-DC Converter Architecture Circuits & Systems
2.02 Nachiket Desai A Resonant Receiver with Maximum-Efficiency Tracking for Device-to-Device Wireless Charging Circuits & Systems
2.03 Chiraag Juvekar FeRAM enabled Cryptographic Wireless Authentication Tags for Supply Chain Integrity Circuits & Systems
2.04 Priyanka Raina An Energy-Scalable Co-processor for Blind Image Deblurring Circuits & Systems
2.05 Yu-Hsin Chen Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Accelerator for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Circuits & Systems
2.06 Amr Suleiman Low Power Hardware Accelerator for Object Detection with Deformable Parts Model Circuits & Systems
2.07 Bonnie Lam Reconfigurable Low-Power Ultrasound Beamformer ASIC Circuits & Systems
2.09 Cheng Wang A fast, wideband THz CMOS spectrometer based on an on-chip frequency comb Circuits & Systems
2.10 David Williams A Terahertz On-Chip Noise Source Using Silicon Avalanche Diode Circuits & Systems
2.11 Jack Holloway High-Speed Inter-Chip Interconnects Using Guided THz Wave Circuits & Systems
2.12 Zhi Hu THz Signal Detector Design on III-V/Si Heterogeneous-Integration Platform Circuits & Systems
2.13 Xi Yang A CMOS Flash ADC for GaN/CMOS Hybrid Continuous-Time ΔΣ Modulator Circuits & Systems
3.01 Kevin Meng Microhydraulic Electrowetting Actuators MEMS & NEMS
3.02 Ruize Xu MEMS Energy Harvesting from Low-Frequency, Low-G Vibrations MEMS & NEMS
3.03 Katherine Smyth Piezoelectric Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer Array for Medical Imaging MEMS & NEMS
3.04 Jorg Scholvin Close-Packed Silicon Microelectrodes for Neural Recording MEMS & NEMS
3.05 Selim Olcum Scalable Arrays of High-Precision Mechanical Resonators MEMS & NEMS
3.06 Mohammad Araghchini Highly Scaled Silicon Field Emitter Arrays MEMS & NEMS
3.07 Farnaz Niroui Tunneling Nanoelectromechanical Switches based on Molecular Thin Films MEMS & NEMS
3.08 Rakesh Kumar Electromagnetic Imaging of Nanostructures MEMS & NEMS
3.09 Solomon Adera Hotspot Cooling via Thin-Film Evaporation MEMS & NEMS
3.10 Anirban Basu Electrostatic, Field Emission-Based, Ion Pump architecture for Cold-Atom Interferometry Systems MEMS & NEMS
3.11 Parker Gould A Tabletop Deep Reactive Ion Etching System for MEMS Development and Production MEMS & NEMS
3.12 Jorg Scholvin How Long Does it Take to Run a Process? No, Really! MEMS & NEMS
4.01 Mario Alvarez Integration of micro- and nanotechnologies for rapid and cost-effective sensing of the Ebola Virus Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.02 Matthew D’Asaro Thin Flexible and Stretchable Tactile Sensor Based on a Deformable Microwave Transmission Line Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.03 Sabino Pietrangelo Development of a Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.04 Joohyun Seo Non-invasive Central Arterial Pressure Waveform Monitoring using Ultrasound Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.05 Maggie Delano A Portable Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Measurement System for Congestive Heart Failure Management Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.06 Christiansen Michael Magnetothermal Multiplexing for Biological Applications Medical Devices & Biotechnology
4.07 Jonathan Tsosie An implantable theragnostic elastic multielectrode array for muscle conditioning and epimysial recording during peripheral nerve repair Medical Devices & Biotechnology
5.01 Karan Mehta Integrated optical addressing of a trapped atomic ion qubit Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.02 Zheng Li An ultra-efficient III-V LED for electroluminescence cooling Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.03 Jin Xue Thermally Enhanced Gallium Nitride Based Blue Light-Emitting Diode Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.04 Huaiyu Meng Telecommunication Wavelength Polysilicon Photodetector in Zero-change CMOS Platform Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.05 Giovanni Azzellino Electrical transport across individual grains in organic-inorganic perovskites Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.06 Sandeep Pathak Perovskite Crystals for Tuneable White Light Emission Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.07 Jordan Goldstein Architecture for Large-Scale Integration of Graphene Optoelectronic Devices in Photonic Integrated Circuits Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.08 Cheng Peng Nanoscale Spatial Carrier Density Modulation of 2D Materials for Effective p-n Junction Formation and Tunable Optoelectronic Devices Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.09 Cécile Chazot Design and Manufacture of Bio-Inspired Light-Emitting Optical Micro-Cavities Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.10 Sihan Xie Transparent light-emitting devices using electric field-induced quenching of quantum dot photoluminescence Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.11 Yang Yang THz dual-comb spectrometer based on quantum cascade laser frequency combs Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.12 Katia Shtyrkova Integrated on-chip mode-locked lasers made on CMOS-compatible silicon photonics platform Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.13 Xinhao Li Solar Water Splitting with Metallic-Semiconductor Photonic Crystals Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
5.14 Mengfei Wu Solid-State Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion Sensitized by Colloidal Nanocrystals Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
6.01 Michael Boutilier Development of Nanoporous Graphene Membranes for Gas Separation Nanotechnology
6.02 Anthony Taylor Electrospray-Printed Graphene Oxide Nanostructured Sub-Atmospheric Ammonia Sensor Nanotechnology
6.03 Shengxi Huang Molecular Selectivity of Graphene-Enhanced Raman Scattering Nanotechnology
6.04 Yi Song Flexible Transparent Polymer Solar Cells with All-Graphene Electrodes Nanotechnology
6.05 Marek Hempel Folding of Graphene Hinge Structures Dispersed in Solution Nanotechnology
6.06 Cosmi Lin Parallel Stitching of 2-Dimensional Materials for Large-Scale Integrated Circuits Nanotechnology
6.07 Amir Nourbakhsh MoS2/WSe2 van der Waals heterojunction tunnel-diode Nanotechnology
6.08 Xi Ling Revealing the Angle-Resolved Light-Matter Interaction in Anisotropic Layered Materials Nanotechnology
6.09 Sang Hoon Nam Broadband Light Absorption of Titanium Oxide with Various Metal Reflector for Solar Energy Harvesting Nanotechnology
6.10 Divya Panchanathan Fouling and Recovery Kinetics of Underwater Superoleophobic Nanoporous TiO2 Surfaces under UV Light Nanotechnology
6.11 Sung Hee Ko A Nanofluidic deivce for rapid biologics analysis Nanotechnology
6.12 Yafang Yang Electronic and optoelectronic transport of transitional metal dichalcogenides Nanotechnology
6.13 Sam Nicaise Multilayer Block-Copolymer Meshes by Orthogonal Self-Assembly Nanotechnology
6.14 Reyu Sakakibara Conjugation of nanodiamonds and plasmonic nanoparticles for fluorescence enhancement of nitrogen vacancy centers Nanotechnology
6.15 Alvin Tan Direct-write Assembly of Colloidal Materials Nanotechnology
7.01 Marek Hempel Repeated Roll-To-Roll Transfer of CVD-Grown Graphene onto Flexible Substrates Using Hot Lamination and Electrochemical Delamination Materials & Manufacturing
7.02 Elaine McVay 3D Printing of Electronic 2D Materials Materials & Manufacturing
7.03 Hangbo Zhao Liquid spreading on ceramic-coated carbon nanotube films and patterned microstructures Materials & Manufacturing
7.04 Christine Jacob Influence of density gradients on the thermal conductivity and mechanical compliance of carbon nanotube forests Materials & Manufacturing
7.05 Brent Keller Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide from ALD Molybdenum Oxide Materials & Manufacturing
7.06 Sanha Kim Carbon nanotube microstructures for direct contact printing of electronic inks Materials & Manufacturing
7.07 Rushabh Shah GaAsP top cell for high efficiency Si based dual junction solar Materials & Manufacturing
7.08 Christopher Heidelberger III-V and Group IV Materials for Energy-Efficient Optical Links Materials & Manufacturing
7.09 Corentin Monmeyran Interstitial defects in irradiated germanium Materials & Manufacturing
7.10 Brendan Smith Metal-assisted chemical etching as a scalable, high-resolution approach for the fabrication of nanoporous silicon Materials & Manufacturing
7.11 Grissel Trujillo de Santiago Using chaotic mixing to create micro- and nanostructures for tissue engineering applications Materials & Manufacturing
7.12 Chris Lang Characterization and Modeling of Pattern Dependencies in Spin-Coating and Electroplating in Advanced Packaging Technology Materials & Manufacturing
7.13 Mathias Kolle Harnessing Nature’s Light Manipulation Strategies and Advantageous Properties of Soft Matter for Multifunctional Optical Materials Materials & Manufacturing
8.01 Min Sun Vertical GaN Power Transistors on Bulk GaN Substrate Energy
8.02 Banafsheh Barabadi High Resolution Temperature Measurement in GaN-based Transistors Energy
8.03 Anna Osherov Toward Flexible Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells via Inkjet Printing Energy
8.04 Hannu Laine Turning scrap silicon wafers into usable solar-cell material by dissolving precipitated metal impurities Energy
8.05 Paul Rekemeyer Enhanced photocurrent in PbS quantum dot photovoltaics utilizing ZnO nanowire arrays and band alignment engineering Energy
8.06 David Zhitomirsky Solar Thermal Fuel Polymers for Solid-State Applications Energy
8.07 Walker Chan Towards a High Specific Energy Thermophotovoltaic Microgenerator Energy
8.08 Veronika Stelmakh Photonic crystals for thermophovoltaics Energy
8.09 Yangying Zhu Enhanced Flow Boiling in Microchannels via Incorporated Surface Structures Energy
8.10 Dion Antao Dynamics of Wetting and Wicking Energy