January 21, 2016

Morning Keynote 8:30 am  -  9:20 am Morning Keynote Presidential Ballroom

Morning Keynote

Biocompatible Electronics – Biology is soft, curvilinear and transient; modern semiconductor technologies are rigid, planar and everlasting. Electronic and optoelectronic systems that eliminate this profound mismatch in properties create opportunities for devices that can intimately integrate with the body, for diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical function with important, unique capabilities in biomedical research and clinical healthcare. Over the last decade, a convergence of new concepts in materials science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and advanced manufacturing has led to the emergence of diverse, novel classes of ‘biocompatible’ electronic platforms. This talk describes the key ideas, with examples ranging from wireless, skin-like electronic ‘tattoos’ for continuous monitoring of physiological health to bioresorbable, wireless intracranial sensors for treating traumatic brain injury to 3D mesoscale electronic networks as active cellular scaffolds.