January 20, 2016

Winter Activities 11:00 am  -  3:00 pm Winter Activities Bretton Woods, NH

Winter Activities

Attendees taking the early bus to MARC or otherwise arranging to arrive early will have the opportunity to participate in a lot of fun activities between 11AM and 3PM on Wednesday, January 20th. Below is a list of the available outdoor and indoor activities along with pricing information and location.

Outdoor activities

1. Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding

(TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE BY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31st in order to received this heavily discounted ski-pass price)


  • $20 for lift ticket only;
  • $35 for lift ticket + helmet;
  • $61 for lift ticket + ski/snowboard rental;
  • $76 for lift ticket + ski/snowboard rental + helmet rental
  • 1.5-hr group lessons available for purchase on-site for an additional $40 – session starts at 1 pm. Private lessons are also available from 12 – 1 pm for $110.

Where to purchase tickets:

  • After clicking ‘Login’ and signing in,  search for ‘MARC2016 Ski Lift Tickets’
  • Choose your lift package
  • For delivery options, select E-ticket
  • Include your measurements at the end of the checkout process – height, weight, etc. For helmet size you can use this general guideline – Small (55-57 cm), Medium (57-59 cm), Large (59-61 cm)
  • Problems purchasing your ticket? Contact: tickets@mit.edu
    Location: Ski area

2. Snowshoeing

  • Cost: $21 for trail pass + $15 for snowshoe rental
  • Where to purchase tickets: On site
  • Location: hotel

3. Tubing

  • Cost: $10/hour
  • Where to purchase tickets: On site
  • Location: hotel

4. Ice Skating

  • Cost: $10/hour
  • Where to purchase tickets: On site
  • Location: hotel


1. We will have organized indoor board games from 11-3pm on Wednesday.

2. FREE hotel tour starts at 1pm and 1:30pm, each tour lasts 1.5 hours and can accommodate 25 people. First come first serve.

* As a sneak preview, we have created a brand new “Escape the lab” game after dinner on Wednesday! More details to come.

For a full list of all winter activities available at Mt Washington Hotel as well as Bretton woods ski area, please visit http://brettonwoods.com/activities/winter_activities/overview. Tickets for all activities, except for skiing/snowboarding are to be purchased on site.

Note that the early bus to MARC will stop at both the ski area and the hotel.  In summary, if you are interested in alpine skiing or snowboarding, you MUST purchase your lift tickets and rentals in advance as described.  All other tickets may be purchased onsite.