What is MARC?

This year, we look forward to showing you “what’s cooking at MTL” on top of beautiful and historic Mount Washington once again at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel & Resort!

Serves approximately 300

Special equipment needed: MTL’s facilities, varied electronics and materials research.


  • 100+ achievements of students and staff using MTL
  • 1 research abstract
  • 2 JPEG image files
  • 1-3 “Further Reading” documents
  • 1 Event Registration
  1. Create annual conference celebrating the research achievements of students and staff at MTL.
  2. Gently fold in interested parties: MTL students, faculty, and industry partners.
  3. Using an online abstract submission system, students and staff submit 1 research abstract, 2 JPEG image files, and 1-3 “Further Reading” documents. Compile and publish online and in print.
  4. Create a poster about each research abstract and present this poster at the conference.
  5. Optional: Be selected to give 60-second talks as well as more in-depth talks for a select few whose work is of particular interest to the community.
  6. With a computer or mobile device, register to attend MARC2016. Make hotel reservations if necessary.
  7. Arrive at event. Review work occurring at MTL. Combine with an opportunity to speak one-on-one with MARC presenters, industry members from MTL’s Microsystems Industrial Group, as well as other industry partners.
  8. Combine all elements into one of many various locations through the years (at this point, the consistency of MARC2016 will appear to be like the 12th year of a student-led conference). Welcome all guests. Serve warm and intriguing.