Poster Session 1

Session 1: Electronic & Quantum Devices
1.01 Xiaowei Cai F-induced electrical instability in self-aligned InGaAs MOSFETs
1.02 Dongsung Choi Analysis of Mo sidewall Ohmic contacts to InGaAs Fins
1.03 Joseph Finley Spin-Orbit Torque Efficiency in Compensated Ferrimagnetic Cobalt-Terbium Alloys
1.04 Jie Hu Novel Device Design for High Linearity GaN Power Amplifier
1.05 Sameer Joglekar High Linearity GaN-transistors for RF and high power amplification
1.06 Lisa Kong Improving the High-k Gate Dielectric Interface in III-V FinFETs
1.07 Allison Lemus Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown in High-Voltage GaN MIS-HEMTs: The Role of Temperature
1.08 Benjamin Lienhard A High-Purity Single Photon Emitter in Aluminum Nitride
1.09 Wenjie Lu Digital Etch for Sub-10 nm III-V Multigate MOSFETs
1.10 Ayrton Munoz Characterizing single photon emitters in GaN
1.11 Hironori Okumura Demonstration of AlN transistors
1.12 Saima Siddiqui Information limit of domain wall based nanowire devices
1.13 Alon Vardi Sub-10 nm fin-width self-aligned InGaAs FinFETs
1.14 Shireen Warnock OFF-state TDDB in High-Voltage GaN MIS-HEMTs
1.15 Zongyou Yin A Diamond:H/MoO3 MOSFET
1.16 Xin Zhao III-V Vertical Nanowire Transistors for Ultra-Low Power Applications
Session 2: Circuits & Systems
2.01 Mohamed Abdelhamid Ultra Low-Power, High-Sensitivity Secure Wake-Up Transceiver for the Internet of Things
2.02 Utsav Banerjee Low-Power Security-Acceleration Core for the Internet of Things
2.03 Avishek Biswas A 0.36V 128Kb 6T SRAM with Energy-Efficient Dynamic Body-Biasing and Output Data Prediction in 28nm FDSOI
2.04 Jiahui Chen Automatic Analysis of Traffic Behavior from Visual Surveillance of Intersections
2.05 Chiraag Juvekar An Actively Detuned Wireless Power Receiver with Public Key Cryptographic Authentication and Dynamic Power Allocation
2.06 Alex Hanson A Soft-Switched Power Converter for High Frequency and Density Across Wide Operating Ranges
2.07 Konstantin Martynov Multiple-Input Single-Output Power Converter for Solar applications
2.08 Mehul Tikekar An Energy-Efficient Fully Integrated1920x1080 H.265/HEVC Decoder with eDRAM
2.09 James Noraky Low Power Depth Estimation for Time of Flight Imaging
2.10 Preet Garcha Low Voltage Cold-Start System for Thermal Energy Harvesting using Integrated Magnetics
2.11 Daniel Richman Secure Wireless Communications Using Ultra-Fast Bit-Level Frequency Hopping
2.12 Amr Suleiman uVIO: Energy-Efficient Accelerator for microDrone Navigation in GPS-denied environments
2.13 Tien-Ju Yang Designing Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks using Energy-Aware Pruning
2.14 Xi Yang A CMOS Flash ADC for GaN/CMOS Hybrid Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator
2.15 Zhengdong Zhang Towards Real-Time Super-Resolution on Compressed Video
2.16 Zhi Hu Transceiver design of THz dielectric-waveguide-based inter-chip communication system
2.17 Maxwell Yun Thermal Energy Harvesting for Self-Powered Smart Home Sensors
Session 4: MEMS & NEMS (Part I)
4.01 Nicha Apichitsopa Microfluidics and computational imaging for measuring cells’ intrinsic properties
4.02 Christopher Lang Modelling and Controlling Variations in Advanced 2.5D Packaging Fabrication
4.03 Zhengmao Lu Evaporation from Ultra-Thin Nanoporous Membrane into Air
4.04 Daniel Preston Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Actuation of a Translational and Angular Manipulation Stage
4.05 Ujwal Radhakrishna MEMS-based Energy Harvesting System for Machine Health Monitoring
4.06 Jorg Scholvin Microfabrication-Based Technologies for Large-Scale Recording of Neural Activity in the Brain
Session 6: Photonic Devices & Optoelectronics
6.01 Eric Bersin Large-scale optical characterization of quantum emitters in nanostructures for quantum repeaters
6.02 Matthew Byrd Mode-evolution based coupler for Ge-on-Si photodiodes
6.03 Jordan Goldstein Waveguide-Integrated Graphene Photodetectors on a Foundry CMOS Platform and for Mid-IR Detection
6.04 Germain Martinez Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Models, Methods, and Tools for Silicon Photonics
6.05 Jelena Notaros Focusing Optical Phased Arrays
6.06 Andrew Paulsen A Terahertz Quantum Cascade Amplifier using an Adiabatic Integrated Horn
6.07 Cheng Peng Self-Aligned Local Electrolyte Gating of 2D Materials with Nanoscale Resolution
6.08 Manan Raval Autostereoscopic Image Projection with a Nanophotonic Phased Array Grid
6.09 Katia Shtyrkova Fully Integrated CMOS-compatible Q-switched laser at 1.9µm based on Tm-doped Al2O3.
6.10 Noelia Vico Trivino Development of a Heterogeneous Platform for Photonics and Bio-Optoelectronics Applications Including Standard Si (100) CMOS and Wide Bandgap
6.11 Michael Walsh Fabrication of High Quality Quantum Emitters in Diamond Nanostructures
6.12 Gavin West UV and Visible Integrated Photonics for Addressing Trapped Ion Qubits
6.13 Jonas Xie High-Performance Inorganic CsPbBr3 Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes by Dual Source Vapor Deposition
6.14 Han Zhu Modeling exciton and charge dynamics in a quantum dot light emitting diode

Poster Session 2

Session 3: Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials
3.01 Deniz Bozyigit Engineering phonons in nanocrystalline semiconductors
3.02 Hongge Chen Efficient Spatial Variation Characterization via Matrix Completion
3.03 Nick Dee Force-Modulated Growth of Carbon Nanotubes
3.04 Eduardo Fernandez Self assembling pattern of thin-film magneto-impedance structures for bio applications
3.05 Christopher Heidelberger GaAsP/InGaP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for III-V/Si Microelectronics Integration
3.06 Marek Hempel Building Synthetic Cells for Sensing Applications
3.07 Heng Zuo Experiments and Numerical Analysis on Air Bearing Slumping of Thin Glass Optics for X-ray Telescopes
3.08 Shengxi Huang Low-Frequency Interlayer Raman Modes to Probe Interfacial Stacking and Coupling in Twisted Bilayer Mos2
3.09 Wei Sun Leong Chemical Vapor Deposition of Multiple Transition Metal Disulfides in One Synthesis Step
3.10 Elaine McVay 2D Material Sensing Systems
3.11 Huaiyu Meng Integrated Photonics and Nanofluidic Devices on CMOS
3.12 Amir Nourbakhsh Scaling and carrier transport properties of monolayer MoS2 transistors
3.13 Rushabh Shah CMP and Wafer Bonding of GaAsP on Silicon
3.14 Akshay Singh Synthesis and characterization of two-dimensional material alloys
3.15 Tathagata Srimani Improving VLSI System Energy-Efficiency by Optimizing Nanotechnology Design and Fabrication: Case Study with CNFETs
3.16 Alvin Tan Direct-write Assembly of Colloidal Materials
3.17 Ahmad Zubair Graphene-on-GaN Hot Electron Transistor
Session 4: MEMS & NEMS (Part II)
4.06 Jorg Scholvin Microfabrication-Based Technologies for Large-Scale Recording of Neural Activity in the Brain
4.07 Andy Shih High-Voltage Organic Thin Film Transistor
4.08 Jay Sircar Fabrication of a Nanoporous Membrane Device for High Heat Flux Evaporative Cooling
4.09 Anthony Taylor Miniature 3-D Printed Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
4.10 Ruize Xu MEMS Energy Harvester for Low-Frequency, Low-Amplitude Vibrations
4.11 Guo Zhang Terahertz Beam-Steering Imager Using a Scalable 2D-Coupled Architecture and Multi-Functional Heterodyne Pixels
4.12 Hangbo Zhao Synthetic Butterfly-Inspired Scale Surfaces with Tunable Compliance and Anisotropic Droplet Adhesion
Session 5: Energy
5.01 David Bierman Thermal runaway due to negative differential emission from ultra-thin vanadium dioxide
5.02 Walker Chan An integrated microcombustor and photonic crystal emitter for thermophotovoltaics
5.03 Kehang Cui Nanopatterned carbon nanotube surfaces for stable selective absorbers and emitters at high temperatures
5.04 Maher Damak Retention of droplets with in-situ precipitation
5.05 Sarah Goodman High-resolution optical and structural characterization of InGaN/GaN quantum well LEDs to reduce efficiency droop
5.06 Olivia Hentz In-situ optical and electronic characterization of organic-inorganic perovskite materials
5.07 Karim Khalil Dropwise Condensation of Low Surface Tension Fluids on iCVD Grafted Polymer Films
5.08 Nathan Monroe Large Scale Broadband Acoustic Energy Harvesting Via Synthesized Negative Impedance
5.09 Robert Radway Thermal Management in GaN HEMTs via Wafer Bonding
5.10 Brendan Smith Scalable Nanoporous Silicon for Applications in Water and Energy
5.11 Yi Song Graphene Perovskite Schottky Barrier Solar Cells
5.12 Veronika Stelmakh Fabrication of an Omnidirectional 2D Photonic Crystal Emitter for Thermophotovoltaics
5.13 Richard Swartwout Low Roughness Silver Nanowire Electrodes for Flexable Solar Cells Using Fully Scaleable Processes
5.14 Kyle Wilke Comprehensive study of thin film evaporation from nanoporous membranes for enhanced thermal management
5.15 Sheng Zhao Optimally Harvesting Power From Multiple Vibration Frequencies Simultaneously
5.16 David Zhitomirsky Conformal Electroplating of Azobenzene-Based Solar Thermal Fuels onto Large Area and Fiber Geometries
Session 7: Medical Devices & Biotechnology
7.01 Mario Alvarez Capture and concentration of pathogens in chaotic flows
7.02 Marc-Joseph Antonini Design and development of flip-chip connectors for multi-functional neural probes
7.03 Ashley Beckwith Evaluation of 3d-printed materials for construction of microfluidic devices intended for biological applications
7.04 Maggie Delano A Portable Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Measurement System for Congestive Heart Failure Management
7.05 Mehmet Kanik Development of minimally invasive, multi-functional neural probes for depth specific sub-cortical electrophysiological recording
7.06 Jaemyon Lee High-throughput Label-free Blood Cell Separation and Characterization Using Dielectrophoresis
7.07 Sirma Orguc 0.3V Biopotential Sensor Interface for Stress Monitoring
7.08 Priyanka Raina Low power processor for real time video motion magnification
7.09 Diego Rios-Aguirre Point-of-Care Microfluidic Electronic Detection of Protein Biomarkers
7.10 Joohyun Seo Non-invasive Central Arterial Pressure Waveform Monitoring using Ultrasound
7.11 Grissel Trujillo de Santiago 3D chaotic printing: Using simple chaotic flows to fabricate complex microstructure
7.12 Keval Vyas A Gold-Based Stretchable Multielectrode Array for Muscle Stimulation and Recording During Peripheral Nerve Repair
7.13 Cheng Wang Dual Frequency Combs Based 220-to-320GHz Spectrometer in 65nm CMOS for Gas Sensing