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Session 1: Electronic & Quantum Devices
Number Abstract Title Presenter
1.01 Impact of Channel Thickness on Transport in InGaAs Quantum-Well MOSFETs Xiaowei Cai
1.02 InGaAs FinFETs with 5-nm Fin Width Alon Vardi
1.03 Characterizing and Improving Sidewall Roughness in III-V FinFETs Lisa Kong
1.04 Towards Sub-10 nm Diameter Vertical Nanowire III-V CMOS Wenjie Lu
1.05 Sub-10 nm Diameter InGaAs Vertical Nanowire MOSFETs Xin Zhao
1.06 Gate Dielectric Reliability under AC Stress in High-Voltage GaN Field-Effect Transistors Ethan Lee
1.07 AlN-channel Metal-semiconductor Field-effect Transistors Hironori Okumura
1.08 Nonvolatile Charge-Injection Memory Device Based on H-terminated Diamond and Metal-Oxide Transfer Doping Layer Youngtack Lee
1.09 Deterministic Fabrication of Emitters in Photonic Circuits Michael Walsh
1.10 Sub-Diffraction Addressing of Multiple Quantum Defect Centers Eric Bersin
1.11 Simultaneous Imaging of Top and Bottom Surfaces of a Sample in SEM Navid Abedzadeh
1.12 Room Temperature Spin-Orbit Torque Switching Induced by a Topological Insulator Jiahao Han
1.13 Ferrimagnetic Heusler Alloys for Fast, Energy-Efficient Spintronic Devices Joseph Finley
1.14 A Four-Terminal Nanoelectromechanical Switch based on Compressible Self-Assembled Molecules Jinchi Han
1.15 Contactless Detection of Current in Industrial Connectors Alan Casallas
Session 2: Circuits & Integrated Electronics
Number Abstract Title Presenter
2.01 A Pipelined ADC with Low-Gain, Low-Bandwidth Op-amps Taehoon Jeong
2.02 A CMOS Flash ADC for GaN/CMOS Hybrid Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators Xi Yang
2.03 Data-Dependent SAR ADC Harneet Khurana
2.04 Molecular Clock on 65 nm CMOS: Precise Frequency Generation with Rapid Response Cheng Wang
2.05 A 2D-Coupled 240-GHz Heterodyne Receiver Array for Digitally Beam-Steerable Sub-THz Imaging Zhi Hu
2.06 Chip-Scale Ambient Quantum Magnetometry via CMOS Integration with Spin Ensembles Mohamed Ibrahim
2.07 Chip Scale THz Radar for 3D Imaging XIANG YI
2.08 Miniaturized Front-End Stage Design for Low-Power AC-DC Converter Cheng Zhang
2.09 A High-Frequency Grid-Interface Power Converter Alex Hanson
2.10 Design Guidelines for Low-Loss High-Frequency AC Inductors Rachel Yang
2.11 Light-Weight Energy Harvesting from Transmission Lines Rakesh Kumar
2.12 MEMS-based Energy Harvesting System for Machine Health Monitoring Yuechen (Mark) Yang
Session 3: Energy-Efficient Circuits & Systems
Number Abstract Title Presenter
3.01 Energy-Efficient Security Acceleration Core for IoT Utsav Banerjee
3.02 A Low Power BLE-Compatible FSK Wake-Up Receiver for the Internet of Things Mohamed Abdelhamid
3.03 Gazelle: A Fast Homomorphic Encryption Library for  Accelerating Secure Neural Network Inference Chiraag Juvekar
3.04 Low-Power Speaker ID with Low-Precision Neural Networks Skanda Koppula
3.05 Small-footprint Speech Recognition Circuits Di-Chia Chueh
3.06 Epitaxial Memory as Suitable Platform for Large-Scale Neuromorphic Arrays Scott Tan
3.07 In-Memory Computation for Low-Power Machine-Learning Applications AVISHEK BISWAS
3.08 Efficient Processing for Deep Neural Networks Yannan Wu
3.09 Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network for Depth Map Reconstruction Diana Wofk
3.10 Low Power Dynamic Depth Estimation of Time-of-Flight Imaging James Noraky
3.11 Fast Frontier Exploration for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles with Resource Constraints Zhengdong Zhang
3.12 NAVION: An Energy-Efficient Accelerator for Nano Drones Autonomous Navigation in GPS-Denied Environments Amr Suleiman
Session 4: Photonics & Optoelectronics
Number Abstract Title Presenter
4.01 Carrier Transport and Deep Level Defects Lead to Delayed Cathodoluminescence in InGaN/GaN LEDs akshay singh
4.02 Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy of InGaN Quantum Well Light Emitting Diodes and Impact of Indium Distribution on Efficiency Droop Sarah Goodman
4.03 Metal-Organic Frameworks for Lanthanide Sensitization and Lasing Applications Kristopher Williams
4.04 Exciton Dynamics in Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots Wenbi Wu
4.05 Exciton Dynamics in Low Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites Catherine Mauck
4.06 Reprogrammable Electro-Chemo-Optical Devices Dmitri Kalaev
4.07 All-Dielectric Phase-Change Nanoantennae and Metasurfaces in Mid IR Mikhail Shalaginov
4.08 Self-Aligned Local Electrolyte Gating of 2D Materials with Nanoscale Resolution Cheng Peng
4.09 Electric-Field-Induced Second-Order Nonlinearity in Silicon Waveguides Manan Raval
4.10 Critical Design Parameters for Omnidirectional 2D Filled Photonic Crystal Selective Emitter for Thermophotovoltaics Reyu Sakakibara
4.11 Quasi-Bessel-Beam Generation Using Integrated Optical Phased Arrays Jelena Notaros
4.12 Network of OPOs as an Ising Solver and D-Wave Comparison Ryan Hamerly
4.13 Classical Optimal Control for Photonic Quantum Computing Jacques Carolan
4.14 Setting Up and Operating an Education Packaging Factory – Developing Integrated Photonics Packaging Process Mingxiu Sun
4.15 Silicon Photonics Process Variability Modelling Sally El-Henawy
4.16 Low-Loss Waveguides in the Blue and Ultraviolet Spectrum Using ALD Al2O3 Gavin West
Session 5: Energy Harvesting & Storage
Number Abstract Title Presenter
5.01 The Role of Air Exposure in Improving Performance of PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells Melany Sponseller
5.02 Nickel Oxide as a Hole Transport Layer in Lead Sulfide Quantum Dot Solar Cells Ella Wassweiler
5.03 The Uncommon Nature of Point Defects in Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells Olivia Hentz
5.04 Adsorbed Metal Cations Stabilizing the Surfaces of Perovskite Oxide Cathode Materials Roland Bliem
5.05 Effects of Electrochemical Potential on Aliovalent Dopant Segregation on Perovskite Oxides Dongha Kim
5.06 Uncovering Biaxial Strain Effect on Reducibility and Exsolution Kinetics for Thin-film Perovskites Jiayue Wang
5.07 Interface Chemistry of Solid Electrolyte/Electrode Interfaces Probed by X-ray Spectroscopy Gulin Vardar
5.08 Modeling Microstructures in Lithium Battery Electrodes Ananya Balakrishna
5.09 Energy Harvesting Footwear Haluk Akay
5.10 Low-Frequency, Low-Amplitude MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesting Ruize Xu
5.11 Large Scale Broadband Acoustic Energy Harvesting Via Synthesized Negative Impedance Nathan Monroe
5.12 Crystallization during Boiling: Fundamentals to Mitigation Leonid Rapoport
Session 6: Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials
Number Abstract Title Presenter
6.01 Ptychographic Electron Beam Imaging Akshay Agarwal
6.02 Tunneling Spectroscopy of Graphene Nanodevices Coupled to Large Gap Superconductors Daniel Rodan Legrain
6.03 High Performance Graphene-base Hot Electron Transistor with GaN Emitter Ahmad Zubair
6.04 Building Microscopic Sensor Platforms out of Two-Dimensional Materials Marek Hempel
6.05 Autoperforation of 2D Materials for Generating Two Terminal Memresistive Janus Particles Albert Liu
6.06 Low-Temperature Copper Bonding Technology with Graphene Interlayer Haozhe Wang
6.07 Double Layers of Perforated Lamella Morphology from Si-Containing ABA Triblock Copolymer Self-Assembly Sangho Lee
6.08 Photoluminescent Ultraviolet Curable Polymer-Quantum Dot Composite as Luminescent Down-Shifting Layer for Photovoltaics Damien Reardon
6.09 Gas Spreading on Superhydrophobic Surfaces Immersed Underwater Divya Panchanathan
6.10 Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of 2D Lead Halide Perovskites for Optoelectronic Applications Watcharaphol Paritmongkol
6.11 An Ultrasensitive Thermo-Mechanical Bolometer Based on Percolative Graphene Films Cosmi Lin
6.12 Multi-frequency DEP Characterization of Single Cells Alex Jaffe
6.13 Integrated Nanofluidics and Photonics on Commercial CMOS Huaiyu Meng
6.14 Direct Observation of Hysteric Behavior of Magnetic Nanoparticles Explaining their Heat Dissipation Behavior Junsang Moon
Session 7: Materials & Manufacturing
Number Abstract Title Presenter
7.01 Unleashing wrinkles in large-area graphene for electronic applications Wei Sun Leong
7.02 Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Spatially Controlled Composition Kevin Bogaert
7.03 Designing Lubricant-Impregnated Surfaces to Inhibit Corrosion Sami khan
7.04 Design of Nanostructured Solid Ionic Hydrogen Barrier Coatings: Engineering Defect Chemistry and Space-Charges William Bowman
7.05 Shielding Surfaces with Texture Henri-Louis Girard
7.06 Atomic-scale Transformation of Terminations at LSM25 Surfaces Modeled by DFT Franziska Hess
7.07 Direct-write Assembly of Functional Colloidal Materials Alvin Tan
7.08 3-D Printed Multi-Material Miniature Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps with Improved Performance and Lifetime Anthony Taylor
7.09 A Universal Electrochemical Approach to Convert Thin Metal Film into Functional Metal Nanocrystals Chang Liu
7.10 Removal of Threading Dislocations in (In)GaAs/Si on by their Glide to Mesa Sidewalls Rushabh Shah
7.11 Control of SrTiO3 Resistive Switching by Adhesion Layer Doping Eva Sediva
7.12 Stabilization of Metal Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets for Fundamental Studies and Optoelectronic Applications Seung Kyun Ha
7.13 Modelling and Controlling Variations in 2.5D Packaging Chris Lang
7.14 Online and Incremental Machine Learning Approaches for IC Yield Improvement Hongge Chen
7.15 New Photolithography Capabilities at MTL Kristofor Payer
7.16 Online Tools for Process Design, Compatibility Check, and Cost Estimation Jorg Scholvin
Session 8: Medical Devices & Biotechnology
Number Abstract Title Presenter
8.01 Development of an Embedded Platform for Tracking of Alzheimer’s Disease Gladynel Saavedra Pena
8.02 Breath Monitoring Using a Low-Power Time-of-Flight Camera Alex Ji
8.03 A Non-invasive Central Arterial Pressure Waveform Estimation System using Ultrasonography for Real-Time Monitoring Joohyun Seo
8.04 Graphene-Based Wireless Sensors in Contact Lenses for Glucose Monitoring Henry Cheung
8.05 A Stretchable Multielectrode Array for Skeletal Muscle Conditioning and Epimysial Recording During Peripheral Nerve Injury Malia McAvoy
8.06 Wireless, Transgene-Free, Animal-Scale Magnetomechanical Neural Stimulation via Magnetic Vortex Magnetite Nanodisks Alexander Senko
8.07 Representation of Complex Auditory Stimuli in the Mammalian Brainstem Dominika Lyzwa
8.08 Simulation and Fabrication of Chip to World Interface for CMOS Opto-nanofluidic Chip Jaehwan Kim
8.09 On-chip Photonic Aerosol Spectrometer for Detection of Toxic Inhalable Materials Robin Singh
8.10 Continuous Cell Sorting with High Frequency Acoustic Waves David Collins
8.11 Wound Model in a Skin-on-a-chip Microdevice Roberto Parra-Saldivar
8.12 Biocompatible Dielectric-Conductive Microsystems Monolithically 3-D printed Via Polymer Extrusion Zhumei Sun
8.13 3D Printed Microfluidics for the Evaluation of Immunotherapy Treatments Ashley Beckwith
8.14 Laser-Machining Biological Tissues Matt Johnson