May 2nd (Thursday)
7:30AM Breakfast
8:15-8:30AM Charles G. Sodini (MIT) “Introduction”Arup Chakraborty (MIT) “Welcome”
8:30-10AM SESSION 1: Epidemiology
8:30 AM Doug Dockery, HSPH; “Bringing Personal Medical and Environmental Monitoring in Population Health Studies”
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9:00 AM Chuck Henry, Colorado State University; “Microfluidic Tools for Personal Exposure Assessment”
9:30 AM Catherine Klapperich, Boston University; “Toward Minimally Instrumented Portable Molecular Diagnostics”
10:00 AM BREAK
10:15AM -12:15PM SESSION 2: Sensorineural Assistance
10:15AM Tina Stankovic, MEEI, “Energy Extraction From and Optical Imaging of the Inner Ear: Implications for Diagnosis and Therapy of Hearing Loss”
10:45 AM Brian Otis, UW “Chip Design for Neural Implants and On-Body Wireless Sensors”
11:15 AM Kevin Dowling, MC10 “Conformal Electronics: On the Body & In the Body”
11:45 AM Florian Solzbacher, Blackrock Microsystems “Enabling the Brain Activity Map, Neuroscience and Neural Engineering – Building a Generic and Clinical Research Platform”
12:15 PM LUNCH
1 PM-3:15PM SESSION 3: Oncology and Pathology
1:00 PM Keynote: Joe Frassica, Philips “The Search for Meaningful Innovation – Innovation that makes a difference in our world”
1:45 PM John Iafrate, MGH, “Genetic Analysis of Tumors and Personalized Medicine”
2:15 PM Jim Michaelson, MGH “Using Data and Math to Understand Ourselves and Our Diseases, and Save Lives and Dollars”
2:45 PM Michael Cima, MIT “Magnetic Relaxation Devices for Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Monitoring”
3:30 PM Poster Overview Presentations
3:45-5:00 PM Poster Session & Reception
May 3rd (Friday)
7:45 AM Breakfast
8:30-10:45AM SESSION 4: Aging
8:30AM Keynote: Chris Neil, Maxim Integrated “Networked Together – Security in Medical Devices”
9:15AM Joseph Coughlin, MIT “Anticipating the New Health & Well-Being Demands of an Aging Consumer”
9:45AM Jim Collins, BU “Turn Up the Noise: Noise-Enhanced Human Sensorimotor Function” 
10:30AM-12:00PM SESSION 5: Blood Disorders
10:30 AM Jay Han, MIT “Blood Cell Diagnostics: Correlating Blood Cell Biophysics with Pathophysiology”
11:00 AM Bruce Levy, BWH “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Critical Care in Critical Need of Point-of-Care Innovation”
11:30 AM Tom Lowery, T2 Biosystems “T2MR Platform Technology for Unique Biology and Novel Clinical Hemostasis Measurements”
12:00 PM – 1 PM Box Lunch


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