Congratulations Aaron!

Aaron Goodman was awarded a 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship will support his research in surface nonlinear optical methods to probe ultrafast interfacial dynamics, and his public science education outreach activities at the MIT Museum. Congratulations Aaron on a well-deserved recognition!

April 1st, 2014

Tisdale Lab receives MITei seed funding

The Tisdale Lab was awarded $150,000 in seed funding from the MIT Energy Initiative for our proposal “Quantum Confined Materials for Thermoelectrics”. From the MIT News website:

“Thermoelectric devices can convert waste heat from car engines, power plants, and other sources directly into electricity. The best thermoelectric materials incorporate performance-enhancing nanoscale features, but fabricating them generally requires expensive methods not cost-effective at scale. As an alternative, Assistant Professor William Tisdale of chemical engineering is evaluating the thermoelectric performance capabilities of colloidal quantum dots (QDs), nanoscale semiconductor crystals whose electronic structure and behavior are defined by particle size and shape. By using novel laboratory techniques to synthesize QD materials, Tisdale will examine how surface chemistry and crystal packing affect charge and heat transport in colloidal QD materials—an understanding that will make possible enhanced thermoelectric performance and the optimization of inexpensive solution-based processes for fabrication of large-area energy conversion devices.”


March 18th, 2014

Will Tisdale receives 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award

Will is a recipient of the 2014 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award. The honor, which is awarded annually to junior faculty in the U.S.  based on academic leadership potential and relevance to 3M’s core mission, includes unrestricted funds to support the research program. Will was nominated by 3M researchers for his work with luminescent quantum dots. See the MIT News Story.


March 15th, 2014

Welcome Matt and Nabeel!

The Tisdale Lab welcomes its two newest members: Matt Ashner and Nabeel Dahod. Matt is a first-year PhD student in Chemical Engineering who will focus on near-field optical spectroscopy. Nabeel is also a first-year PhD student in Chemical Engineering, who is interested in exciton diffusion and energy transfer at nanostructured materials interfaces.

January 2nd, 2014