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Congratulations to the very first Tisdale Lab Ph.D. thesis recipient, Jolene Mork! On Monday, Jolene successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis in Physical Chemistry, titled “Exploring Excitations and Vibrations in Semiconductor Nanocrystals through Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy”. Congratulations Jolene!

Mark’s paper on real-time imaging of PbS nanocrystal superlattice self-assembly, published online this week in Nature Materials, has been highlighted on the MIT homepage. Read the story here.

This winter, the Tisdale Lab welcomed the addition of three new PhD students: Sam Winslow (Chem Eng), Seung Kyun Ha (Chem Eng), and Oat Paritmongkol (Phys Chem). Read about them on our People page!

Tisdale Lab postdoc Dan Congreve has accepted a new principle investigator position at the Rowland Institute at Harvard! In August 2016, Dan will become one of a new batch of Rowland Junior Fellows, starting his own research lab at Harvard. These highly competitive fellowships offer institutional and financial support for up to five years, enabling outstanding young researchers to establish independent research careers. Read more about Dan’s new lab here. Congratulations Dan!

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