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Can disorder enhance incoherent exciton diffusion?
Elizabeth M. Y. Lee, William A. Tisdale, and Adam Willard
J. Phys. Chem. B., vol. 119, pp. 9501-9509 (2015).

Constructing multifunctional virus-templated nanoporous composites for thin film solar cells: contributions of morphology and optics to photocurrent generation
Noemie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne, Matthew T. Klug, Kevin J. Huang, Mark. C. Weidman, Victor J. Cantu, Po-Yen Chen, Steven E. Kooi, Dong Soo Yun, William A. Tisdale, Nicholas Fang, Angela M. Belcher, Paula T. Hammond
J. Phys. Chem. C., vol. 119, pp. 13987-14000 (2015).

Colloidal organohalide perovskite nanoplatelets exhibiting quantum confinement
Pooja Tyagi, Sarah M. Arveson, William A. Tisdale
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., vol. 6, pp. 1911-1916 (2015).

Enhancement of second-order nonlinear-optical signals by optical stimulation
Aaron J. Goodman and William A. Tisdale
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 114, no. 183902 (2015).

Determination of exciton diffusion length by transient photoluminescence quenching and its application to quantum dot films
Elizabeth M.Y. Lee and William A. Tisdale
J. Phys. Chem. C, vol. 119, pp. 9005-9015 (2015).

Interparticle spacing and structural ordering in superlattice PbS nanocrystal solids undergoing ligand exchange
Mark C. Weidman, Kevin G. Yager, William A. Tisdale
Chem. Mater., vol. 27, pp. 474-482 (2015).
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Reduced dielectric screening and enhanced energy transfer in single- and few-layer MoS2
Ferry Prins, Aaron J. Goodman, William A. Tisdale
Nano Letters, vol. 14, pp. 6087-6091 (2014).

On the magnitude of the Förster radius in colloidal quantum dot solids
A. Jolene Mork, Mark C. Weidman, Ferry Prins, William A. Tisdale
J. Phys. Chem. C, vol. 118, pp. 13920-13928 (2014).

Monodisperse, air-stable PbS nanocrystals via precursor stoichiometry control
Mark C. Weidman, Megan E. Beck, Rachel S. Hoffman, Ferry Prins, William A. Tisdale
ACS Nano, vol. 8, pp. 6363-6371 (2014).
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Subdiffusive exciton transport in quantum dot solids
Gleb M. Akselrod*, Ferry Prins*, Lisa V. Poulikakos, Elizabeth M.Y. Lee, Mark C. Weidman, A. Jolene Mork, Adam P. Willard, Vladimir Bulovic, William A. Tisdale
Nano Letters, vol. 14, pp. 3556-3562 (2014).

Visualization of exciton transport in ordered and disordered molecular solids
Gleb M. Akselrod, Parag B. Deotare, Nicholas J. Thompson, Jiye Lee, William A. Tisdale, Marc A. Baldo, Vinod M. Menon, Vladimir Bulovic
Nature Communications, vol. 5, no. 3646 (2014).

Transition from thermodynamic to kinetic-limited excitonic energy migration in colloidal quantum dot solids
Lisa V. Poulikakos, Ferry Prins, William A. Tisdale
J. Phys. Chem. C, vol. 118, pp. 7894-7900 (2014).

Spatially resolved energy transfer in patterned colloidal quantum dot heterostructures
Ferry Prins, Areza Sumitro, Mark C. Weidman, William A. Tisdale
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, vol. 6, pp. 3111-3114 (2014).


Highly efficient, dual state emission from an organic semiconductor
Sebastian Reineke, Nico Seidler, Shane R. Yost, Ferry Prins, William A. Tisdale, Marc A. Baldo
Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 103, no. 093302, (2013).


William Tisdale’s papers from previous positions:

Origin of efficiency roll-off in colloidal quantum-dot light-emitting diodes
Y. Shirasaki, G. J. Supran, W.A. Tisdale, V. Bulovic
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 110, no. 217403, (2013).

Twenty-fold enhancement of molecular fluorescence by coupling to a J-aggregate critically coupled resonator
G. M. Akselrod, B. J. Walker, W. A. Tisdale, M. G. Bawendi, V. Bulovic
ACS Nano, vol. 6, pp. 467-471, (2012).

Artificial atoms on semiconductor surfaces
W. A. Tisdale & X.-Y. Zhu
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., vol. 108, pp. 965-970, (2011).

Hot-Electron Transfer from Semiconductor Nanocrystals
W. A. Tisdale, K. J. Williams, B. A. Timp, D. J. Norris, E. S. Aydil, X.-Y. Zhu
Science, vol. 328, pp. 1543-1547, (2010). | Nature Chemistry news & views

Strong electronic coupling in two-dimensional assemblies of colloidal PbSe quantum dots
K. J. Williams, W. A. Tisdale, K. S. Leschkies, G. Haugstad, D. J. Norris, E. S. Aydil, X.-Y. Zhu
ACS Nano, vol. 3, pp. 1532-1538, (2009).

Coulomb barrier for charge separation at an organic semiconductor interface
M. Muntwiler, Q. Yang, W. A. Tisdale, X.-Y. Zhu
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Electron dynamics at the ZnO (10-10) surface
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