Joel L. Dawson, Professor, EECS } MIT

6.301 Solid-State Circuits

Recitation 1: Transistor Biasing and Thoughts on Design

Recitation 2: Device Physics and Modeling

Recitation 3: AC Coupling and Single-Transistor Amplifiers

Recitation 4: Fairchild µA733 Video Amplifier

Recitation 5: Miller Effect

Recitation 6: Bandwidth in Multistage Amplifiers

Recitation 7: Emitter Degeneration and More on Multistage Amps

Recitation 8: LM172 AGC AM IF Strip

Recitation 9: Feedback Biasing in Circuits

Recitation 10: Op-Amp Applications

Recitation 11: Analog Computation

Recitation 12: Base-Width Modulation

Recitation 13: Current Sources and Current Mirrors

Recitation 14: Op-Amps and Assorted Other Topics

Recitation 15: Op-Amp Non-Idealities

Recitation 16: More on Op-Amp Tricks

Recitation 17: Lab 2 Wrap-up, Op-Amps continued

Recitation 18: "Pythagorators" and other circuits

Recitation 19: More on Translinear Circuits

Recitation 20: I/V and V/I Conversion

Recitation 21: Current-Feedback or Transimpedance Amplifiers

Recitation 22: More on Transimpedance Amplifiers and Intro to Zener Diode References

Recitation 23: Zener Diode References (continued)

Recitation 24: Charge Control w/Demo

Recitation 25: More on Charge Control and Space-Charge Lasers

Recitation 26: Charge Control Wrap-Up