Joel L. Dawson, Professor, EECS } MIT

6.302 Feedback Systems Recitation Notes

Recitation 1: Closed Loop vs. Open Loop Systems
Recitation 2: Block Diagrams and Physical Modeling
Recitation 3: Block Diagrams (continued)
Recitation 4: Complex Variables and the s-Plane
Recitation 5: Op-amp Circuits and Analog Computers
Recitation 6: Steady-State Errors
Recitation 7: Root Locus
Recitation 8: Root Locus (continued)
Recitation 9: Introduction to the Nyquist Criterion
Recitation 10: Nyquist Stability
Recitation 11: Phase-locked Loops
Recitation 12: Phase-locked Loops II
Recitation 13: Our Analytical Toolbox
Recitation 14: Bode Obstacle Course
Recitation 15: More Bode Obstacle Course & Compensation
Recitation 16: Compensation
Recitation 17: Black's Formula Revisited and Lead Compensation
Recitation 18: Minor Loop Feedback
Recitation 19: Minor Loop in an Op-Amp
Recitation 20: Minor Loop in an Op-Amp (continued)
Recitation 21: Inverted Pendulum
Recitation 22: Time Delays
Recitation 23: Describing Functions
Recitation 24: Feedback Applications
Recitation 25: Conditional Stability
Recitation 26: Final Recitation and Review