Seminars from MTL

April 4, 2018
MTL Seminar Series
Silicon-based Phased-Arrays and Transceiver for 5G: THE END OF THE MARCONI ERA IS NEAR
Gabriel Rebeiz, UC San Diego
  • Gabriel Rebeiz
  • Directive communications using phased-arrays will greatly increase the capacity of communication systems and will make 5G a reality. This talk explains how the use of silicon radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and high level of integration with antennas is resulting in low-cost phased-arrays for 5G and Satellite communications systems, and changing the way we communicate.

  • Gabriel Rebeiz is Distinguished Professor and the Wireless Communications Industry Endowed Chair at UCSD. He is a member of the National Academy and is considered as one of the fathers of tunable radios, affordable silicon-based phased arrays for SATCOM and 5G. He graduated 100 Ph.D. students and Post-Docs and won the IEEE Microwave Prize (twice) on phased arrays.