Seminars from MTL

November 16, 2016
MTL Seminar Series
Neuromorphic Technologies for Next-Generation Cognitive Computing
Geoffrey Burr, IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Mark Allen
  • Geoffrey Burr will describe IBM's roadmap for Neuromorphic Technologies to drive next-generation cognitive computing, ranging from nanodevice-based hardware for accelerating well-known supervised-learning algorithms (which happen to rely on static, labeled data), to emerging, biologically-inspired algorithms capable of learning from temporal, unlabeled data. He will survey the various hardware-centric neuromorphic projects currently underway at IBM Research, and discuss a few in depth.

  • After graduate work at Caltech (Ph.D. E.E. 1996), Geoffrey W. Burr joined IBM Research--Almaden (San Jose, CA) where he is a Principal Research Staff Member. He has worked in a dozen fields ranging from holographic data storage to phase-change memory; his current research interests include non-volatile memory and cognitive computing.